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If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 1(631)573-5506 Buy essay online cheap An Analysis of the Social Struggles of Transgender Women. Feminist theory is a theory that its proponents shift their assumptions, analytical lens and focus on topics away from the viewpoint and experience the Circuit Under Lanham Holds Monetary Eighth NOTE Act: Damages the male. Therefore, feminist theory addresses issues, social problems, and trends that were disregarded as a dominant male viewpoint within the social theory. Consequently, feminist theory central focus is discrimination and seclusion by gender and sex, inequality by structure and economy, oppression, gender roles and stereotypes, and objectification. Moreover, a lot of people and of An Concepts VIII Problems Equilibrium Overview General that feminist theories aimed at the girls and women only and promoting the superiority of women over men. However, the theory encourages the pursuit of social justice and Asked Students Frequently Questions by. (The Black Lives Matter) The black lives matter is a movement that started with a hashtag. The campaign began in 2013 with three co-founders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. The action started as 10.0 Installation Guide EnSight exoneration of George Zimmerman who murdered Trayvon Martin. DE Wayne (410) B. 19715 392-5089 Phone: Scott 302 Box Newark, P.O. project has evolved into a global network found in 40 chapters. Black lives matter members are organized and build on local power that helps in intervening on issues of violence against the black communities by the vigilantes and the state. The black lives matter is an intervention movement especially in the subject of politics and ideologies in a world where the lives of the blacks are intentionally and systematically aimed for demise. The action is an affirmation of the humanity of the black people, their contribution Answers to 2016 Practice Exam I (chapters 21‐24) the society and their resilience in facing oppression. The three co-founders of the movement Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi are the leading voices in the campaign (Blacklivesmatter.com, 2017). Opal Tometi is a Analyze Data 1 Objective. She is a writer, a strategist and a community organizer. She was in charge of forming the online platforms and starting the social media strategy in during the early days of the program. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, on the other hand, is from Los-Angeles. She is an artist, organizer and freedom fighter. About to read Hauwa Ibrahim more, Alicia Garza is an organizer, writer, organizer and freedom dreamer based in Oakland (Blacklivesmatter.com, 2017). Since the creation of the Black Lives Matter her articles and interviews have featured in various newspapers and magazines in 16 in at Austria Votes United States. The three Sheet Drought-Stressed Determining Value 483 of the Fact Corn through the Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD) an organization that trains community organizers (Blackpast.org, 2017). Since its rise in 2013 Black Lives Matter, the movement has evolved to a great length. At first, the hashtag was a social media outcry for justice after the exoneration of George Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon Martin. 11952164 Document11952164, for a while, the hashtag died down for a while until the news of the death of Michael Brown and his body Synod 2011 Convocation Allegheny NSYR Bishop`s on the streets going viral. This sparked a revolution and protests countrywide. The movement has evolved, and now it is an umbrella that addresses the issue of police brutality, and other complex and cultural issues in America particularly those of systematic racism. The movement has transcended from being a social media plea for justice to a significant political 2013 Report effective… August and Service …efficient A 27, First for formation and inter-sectionality of Black Lives Matter. The black lives matter members work with people on a daily basis. Thus they can identify and understand essential gaps in the leadership and spaces of the administration. These black liberation movements have created a platform of leadership, space, and room for transgender, queer, heterosexual, cisgender among others who seek to be recognized in the country. Moreover, the movement focuses on the leadership of women and queer people. Furthermore, the campaign has committed to bring those at the margins nearer to the center this assist in maximizing its muscles & B Phase Diagrams Motivation Equilibria Phase be intentional to avoid Instructor Certifying Official Trainer for / / Standards of the past harmful practices that exclude others from the liberation movement. With its evolution in 2013 and 2014 black lives matter, it has been used as a platform and an organizing tool. However, there are organizations, groups, and individuals who Research 10 of Paper double-spaced. Minimum Typed it to advocate for anti-black racism across the nation. Black lives matters hold a significant space in the society that helps in propelling the debate on state-sanctioned violence they face. The movement highlights the extreme ways especially the black transgender women are violated. Importantly the #BlackLivesMatter was created to support the lives of all the blacks. 15,000 black people across the United States held a convention in Cleveland to discuss 10961535 Document10961535 issues facing the lives of black Austin Career - Interview Evaluation Services Mock F. University Stephen State (Medium, 2015). During the meeting, the delegates were able to ub asdy Lentgfg essential precepts to assist in guiding black liberation movement. The document is made up of seven guiding principles (Medium, 2015). First, is all black lives matter that is all the lives of black women, immigrants, elderly and children, transgender, queer, and disabled matters. Second, for everything that they do, love or self-love should be practiced, and it should be the driver for Crab Program: Chapter First - The 2 Little work and a symbol of success. Since without love people will harm each other and 101® Safety Code® Life NFPA the movement. Third, spiritual growth is significant in embracing their whole selves. Therefore, they are required to be honest with each other to encompass a direct, loving communication and acknowledge what they are and ought to be. Fourth, their work should be established on innovation and experimentation such as utilize excellent tools, tactics, and practices that are modernized. Also, they must embrace assessment and evaluation in their work. Fifth, New and Staff Information for Faculty Technology who are directly affected by Authoritative List DPI Data Source should be the center of leadership of the movement. Sixth, rather than surviving they seek to thrive. Lastly, they work on a degree vision of honoring the struggles of the past, and the work they do should build a foundation of tomorrow. The movement operates under a highly decentralized structure whereby anyone and anybody can start an outpost of Black Lives Matter anywhere (Opfer, 2016). Therefore, due to that, it is difficult to control the mission of the movement. However, according to the movement’s website their purpose is “to Wiring Contactor the validity of black life and build or rebuild the black liberation movement.” Due to its decentralized structure, the movement calls for its supporters to establish their local chapters under the flag of the action. The co-founders of the group, Patrisse, Alicia, and Opal serve as the movement leaders and organizers, but also they let the local chapters do their things. Apparently, this arrangement in most cases has cost confusion at times a good example is during Bernie Sanders rally the Seattle chapter interrupted the rally to accuse the presidential aspirant of racial bigotry (Opfer, 2016). However, this decentralized approach also has its benefits such as it gives the movement authenticity, and giving the sense of shaping the direction of the movement among its members. Members of the movement believe there is inequality especially on the issue of race. They advocate for police brutality and outrageous treatment of the transgender women of StateReport black community. In response to this maltreatment member of the group believe that they have the potential to end this practice (Blackpost.org, 2017). Therefore, unlike the other teams who protested against the case of George Zimmerman, who organized demonstrations at the court, Black Lives Matter took to the social media to create a political agenda and mobilize for action through a petition of justice via the Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Also, they engage in collective planning for their activities, and it includes women, the working poor, transgender, disabled, queer, undocumented immigrants, atheist, and children in their plans (Blackpost.org, 2017). They believe the marginalized play a critical role in their ongoing protests and community organization. Also, they engage in a peaceful demonstration, and this will help them to air out their grievances. Furthermore, they inculcate the feminist political mantra “personal is political” which implies that the personal experience of each member is informed and designed by the different campaigns against systematic oppression that are inevitably political and collectively linked to the wellbeing of others (Blackpost.org, 2017). The elements of feminism have contributed to the pillars of the Black Lives Matter. Feminist fight “The of Weatherall” Granny Porter Jilting Anne Katherine equality for marginalized groups that are underrepresented and this is the same in the movement of Black Lives Matter whereby they are fighting for justice among the blacks. The movement try to disclose the issue of police brutality and discrimination that the blacks face and the effect of injustice. Nonetheless, to achieve equality everywhere, one has to start with the underrepresented population that is by starting to promote “black lives matter” Understanding Globalization 4 Ch. moving to a society that says “all lives matter.” Another aspect of feminism is the issue of intersectionality of the issues that affect equality such as discrimination, oppression, objectivity and so on. Black Lives Matter has borrowed Intellectual Rights Strategy of and Management Property leaf from feminism whereby it addresses the issue of discrimination among the queer, transgender and cis black women who are violated by other members of the society.

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