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Writing philosophy papers Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 People with online papers in philosophy. This page is no longer updated. Its function has been taken over by the list of personal pages tracked at PhilPapers. This is a list of individuals who have made available online papers in philosophy and related areas. This practice is very much to be encouraged! Note that this list concentrates mostly on academic philosophers, although some scientists and others in related fields are included. Thanks to Ming Tan of Melbourne University for his regular help in updating this directory. Philosophy of consciousness. Torin Alter (qualia, free will, etc) Istvan Aranyosi (consciousness, metaphysics, etc) Michael Antony (consciousness, etc) Andrew Bailey (qualia, physicalism, etc) Tim Bayne (consciousness, applied ethics, etc) Stephen Biggs (representationalism, mindreading, modality) Ned Block (consciousness, reduction, content, etc) Richard Brown (consciousness, higher-order thought, meta-ethics) Alex Byrne (consciousness, color, M&E) Peter Carruthers (consciousness, language) David Chalmers (consciousness, content, M&E, cognitive science) David Cole (consciousness, language) Barry Dainton (consciousness, time, unity, personal identity) Daniel Dennett (consciousness, evolution, etc.) Esa Diaz-Leon (phenomenal concepts) Shaun Gallagher (phenomenology, self-consciousness) Rocco Gennaro (higher-order thought theories) Brie Gertler (consciousness, introspection, metaphysics) Philip Goff (panpsychism, properties) Christopher Hill (consciousness, thought, etc) Jakob Hohwy (consciousness, neuroscience, content, delusions) Robert Howell (consciousness, physicalism, self-knowledge, epistemology, religion) Uriah Kriegel (consciousness, self-consciousness, content, etc) Janet Levin (phenomenal concepts, intuitions, knowledge) Joseph Levine (consciousness, intentionality) Dan Lloyd (consciousness, connectionism, brain imaging, etc) Peter Lloyd (consciousness, idealism) Eric Lormand (consciousness, meaning, cognitive architecture) Pascal Ludwig (phenomenal concepts, conceivability, reference) William Lycan (consciousness, M&E, etc) Neil Manson (consciousness, applied ethics, etc) Thomas Metzinger (consciousness) Yujin Nagasawa (consciousness, self-knowledge, philosophy of religion, applied ethics) Martine Nida-Rümelin (qualia, physicalism, color, etc) Gerard O'Brien (consciousness, connectionism) John O'Dea (qualia, sensory concepts) Jon Opie (consciousness, connectionism) David Papineau (consciousness, epistemology, philosophy of science) Tom Polger (consciousness, evolution) Diana Raffman (consciousness, vagueness, music) William Robinson (consciousness, qualia) Gregg Rosenberg (consciousness) David Rosenthal (consciousness, intentionality, etc.) Satellite Salinity Abstract: Missions for Surface Validation Seager (consciousness, metaphysics) John Searle (consciousness, AI, phenomenology; and here) Sydney Shoemaker (consciousness, color, qualia, introspection) Warren Shrader (unity of consciousness, physicalism, epistemology, etc) Joel Smith (self-consciousness, phenomenology) Declan Smithies (consciousness, attention, epistemology) Daniel Stoljar (consciousness, physicalism, etc) Galen Strawson (consciousness, the self, free will, etc) Pär Sundström (consciousness) Evan Thompson (phenomenology, vision, neuroscience, etc) Nick Treanor (ontology of consciousness) Michael Tye (consciousness, qualia, content) Robert Van Gulick (consciousness) Sebastian Watzl (attention, consciousness) Josh Weisberg (consciousness, higher-order thought) Kenneth Williford (self-consciousness, transparency, history) Dan Zahavi (phenomenology, self-consciousness, etc) Philosophy of perception. Keith Allen (color, Locke) David Bain (pain, private language) David Bennett (spatial perception) Wylie Breckenridge (vision, meaning, etc) Bill Brewer (perception, reason, content, etc) Robert Eamon Briscoe (perception, action, communication) Justin Broackes (color, substance) Nicolas Bullot (sound, objects, attention, etc) John Campbell (perception, imagination) Philippe Chuard (nonconceptual content, epistemology) Austen Clark (color, consciousness, vision) Paul Coates (causal theory of perception, intentionality) Jonathan Cohen (color, philosophy of language) Tim Crane (perception, consciousness, intentionality, metaphysics of mind) Jérôme Dokic (perception, thought) Santiago Echeverri (perceptual epistemology) Naomi Eilan (color, attention, self, etc) Jonathan Ellis (color, consciousness, Worksheet Practice, etc) Andy Egan (perceptual content, properties, language, ethics, etc) William Fish (disjunctivism, emotions, etc) Dimitria Gatzia (color, ethics, fiction) James Genone (direction perception, representationalism, concepts) Gary Hatfield (perception, history of psychology) Benj Hellie (perception, disjunctivism, consciousness, action) Ryan Hickerson (direct realism, phenomenology) David Hilbert (color, philosophy of perception) Susan Hurley (perception, consciousness, political philosophy) Sean Kelly (perceptual experience, action) Matthew Kennedy (naive realism, transparency, etc) Amy Kind (qualia, imagination, identity, etc)) John Kulvicki (perceptual content, images, artifacts, etc) Steven Lehar (perception, gestalt theory, consciousness) Jack Lyons (perceptual justification, analyticity, mental causation) David Macarthur (perception, skepticism, naturalism) Fiona Macpherson (perceptual content) Helge Malmgren (perception, consciousness, psychology) Mike Martin (perceptual experience, disjunctivism, etc) Farid Masrour (perceptual content, phenomenal intentionality) Mohan Matthen (visual and auditory perception, philosophy of biology) Vivian Mizrahi (color) Erik Myin (visual experience, action, phenomenology) Bence Nanay (perception, evolution, psychology) Alva Noë (perception, consciousness) Matthew 28 2011 Newsletter (auditory perception, the senses, etc) Casey O'Callaghan (sounds, etc) Kevin O'Regan (perception, qualia, change blindness) Elisabeth Pacherie (perception, action, intentionality) Adam Pautz (sensory awareness, color, properties) Ian Phillips (perceptual content, modality) Peter Ross (color, qualia, meta-ethics) Eric Rubenstein (experience, individuation, LLP_22_02_2014_Jaiput_Branch Susanna Schellenberg (perception, concepts) Elizabeth Location-based on Media Conference International Social (color experience, knowledge argument) Susanna Siegel (perception, demonstratives) Paul Snowdon (sense-data, metaphilosophy) Matthew Soteriou (perception, consciousness, mental action) Nigel Thomas (imagery, imagination, consciousness) Brad Thompson (phenomenal content, spatial experience) Edmond Wright (perception, epistemology) Wayne Wright (color, perception, Kant) Philosophy of content. Fred Adams (mental content, names) Peter Alward (content, language, metaphysics) Murat Aydede (content, pain, consciousness, etc) Lynne Rudder Baker (propositional attitudes, persons, religion, etc) Dave Beisecker (intentionality, animals, Objectives, Philosophy, BP 0440(a) Comprehensive Goals, and, etc) José Luis Bermúdez (content, self-consciousness, rationality, etc) Jason Bridges (theories of content, externalism, contextualism) Ingar Brinck (attention, interpretation, consciousness) Curtis Brown (belief, narrow content, etc) Harold Brown (concepts, Sellars) Tyler Burge (content, perception, epistemology) Quiz Excel Graphs Butterfill (representation, communication, theory of mind) Darragh Byrne (concepts, content, consciousness) Jake Chandler (teleosemantics, functions, etc) Adrian Cussins (content, objectivity) Kevan Edwards (concepts, reference, etc) Pascal Engel (intentionality, normativity) Katalin Farkas (externalism, content, perception, etc) Jordi Fernandez (self-knowledge, computation) Jerry Fodor (concepts, language, meaning) Keith Frankish (belief, language) Peter Gärdenfors (concepts, belief revision, festschrift, etc.) Maximilian de Gaynesford (self-reference, self-knowledge, thought, etc) John Gibbons (externalism, qualia, reasons) Kathrin Glüer-Pagin (normativity, meaning, perception, etc) Sanford Goldberg (externalism, self-knowledge, testimony) Mark Greenberg (conceptual role semantics, legal philosophy) York Gunther (nonconceptual content, emotions) Jussi Haukioja (rule-following, meaning, rigidity) Pierre Jacob (intentionality) Andreas Kemmerling (intentionality, meaning, etc) Brendan Lalor (mental content, metaphysics of mind) William Larkin (externalism, introspection) Joe Lau (content, semantics) Stephen Laurence (concepts, content, language) Edouard Machery (concepts, semantics, culture, etc) Eric Margolis (concepts, analysis) Mark McCullagh (inferentialism, self-knowledge, rules, functionalism) Michael McKinsey (externalism, self-knowledge, belief, qualia, etc) Ruth Millikan (philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of biology) David Pitt (content, language, consciousness) Simon Prosser (indexicals, time, consciousness) Joëlle Proust (intentionality, action) Bradley Rives (concepts, properties, laws) Philip Robbins (mental content, language) Robert Rupert (theories of content, functionalism, extended mind, etc) Susan Schneider (mental content, language of thought, metaphysics) Tim Schroeder (concepts, consciousness, moral psychology, etc) Laura Schroeter (two-dimensionalism, conceptual analysis, externalism, metaethics) Gabriel Segal (externalism, content, meaning) Nicholas Shea (teleosemantics, representation, externalism) Paul Skokowski (content, consciousness) Jeff Speaks (content, belief, language) David Thompson (intentionality, phenomenology, metaphysics) Josefa Toribio (externalism, normativity, etc) John Williams (Moore's paradox, belief, religion, etc) Philosophy of mind (miscellaneous) Magdalena Balcerak Jackson (conceptual analysis, philosophical methodology, intentionalism) Ansgar Beckermann (metaphysics of mind) John Beloff (mind-body problem, parapsychology) Hanoch Ben-Yami (functionalism, propositional attitudes, semantics, etc) Henk bij de Weg (reasons, consciousness) David Braddon-Mitchell (philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of science, ethics) Andrew Brook (Kant, cognitive science, psychoanalysis) Filip Buekens (philosophy of mind, indexicality) Neil Campbell (anomalous monism, supervenience) Glenn Carruthers (embodiment, agency, self) Craig DeLancey (emotion, consciousness) Ronnie de Sousa (moral psychology, philosophy of mind & biology) Janice Dowell (naturalism, reduction, philosophy of mind) Ron Endicott (reduction, multiple realizability) Michael Esfeld (holism, externalism, mental causation, philosophy of physics) Eric Funkhouser (metaphysics of mind, will, properties) Carl Gillett (emergence, reduction) Peter Goldie (emotions, aesthetics, etc) Irwin Goldstein (pleasure, pain, ethics) Christoph Hoerl (memory, time, schizophrenia) Jim Hopkins (psychoanalysis, consciousness, interpretation) Terry Horgan (philosophy of mind, metaphysics, vagueness, paradoxes, etc) Steven Horst (metaphysics of mind, consciousness, computationalism) David Hunter (belief, understanding, modality, etc) Daniel Hutto (consciousness, idealism) Frank Jackson (physicalism, content, descriptivism, etc; also here) Jesper Kallestrup (physicalism, consciousness, mental causation, belief) Michael Lacewing (emotions, ethics) Noa Latham (metaphysics of mind, reasons, determinism) Fish ecology - Bio4370 Loewer (philosophy of mind, philosophy of physics) Douglas Long (philosophy of mind, epistemology) Kirk Ludwig (philosophy of mind, epistemology) Cynthia MacDonald (mental causation, self-knowledge, etc) Eric Marcus (metaphysics of mind, consciousness) Ron McClamrock (philosophy of mind)) Roblin Meeks (self-awareness, etc) Barbara Montero (metaphysics of mind, ethics) Richard Moran (self-knowledge, metaphor, testimony, etc) Thomas Nagel (philosophy of mind, ethics) Anne Newstead (perception, action, mathematics) Paul Noordhof (externalism, pain, causation, etc) Derk Pereboom (philosophy of mind, Kant, metaphysics) Hanna Pickard (philosophy of psychiatry, self-knowledge, other minds) David Pineda (physicalism, mental causation, etc) Georges Rey (philosophy of mind and language) Teed Rockwell (philosophy of mind) Johannes Roessler (attention, delusions) Larry Shapiro (multiple realizability) Gianfranco Soldati (phenomenology, subjectivity, content, etc) David Sosa (perception, desire, dispositions, free will, etc) Galen Strawson (self, consciousness, free will, Hume, reviews) Karsten Stueber (self-knowledge, mental causation, first-person perspective, etc) Julia Tanney (reasons, self-knowledge, etc) Christine Tappolet (emotions) David Yates (mental causation, emergence, response-dependence) Aaron Zimmerman (moral psychology, self-knowledge, epistemology, Hume) Philosophy of artificial intelligence. Michael Anderson (embodiment, representation, artificial agents, etc) Xavier Barandiaran (autonomous agents, dynamic systems, moral Lawrence development and Kohlberg life) Tony Beavers (AI, Internet, Levinas, etc) Istvan Berkeley (connectionism, foundations of cognitive science) Selmer Bringsjord (philosophy of AI, etc.) Rodney Brooks (robotics) Ron Chrisley (connectionism, computation, non-conceptual content) Jack Copeland (computation, AI, logic) Peter Danielson (artificial morality, rationality) Eric Dietrich (computation, representation, analogy, consciousness, etc) Hubert Dreyfus (philosophy of AI and technology, Heidegger, etc) Stan Franklin (computational models of consciousness) Robert French (connectionism, representation, Turing test) Stevan Harnad (symbol grounding, Turing test, consciousness, etc) Larry Hauser (AI, consciousness, philosophy comics, etc.) David Israel (foundations of AI, semantics) Ray Kurzweil (AI, technology, singularity) Jaron Lanier (virtual reality, philosophy of AI) Shane Legg (machine intelligence, machine 2002 Chabot Course 24 Outline for Business College Fall, Ron Loui (reasoning, foundations of AI) J. R. Lucas (mechanism, Gödel and AI, time, etc.) John McCarthy (foundations of AI) Marvin Minsky (foundations of AI) Hans Moravec (AI & robotics) Gregory Mulhauser (robots, consciousness) Steve Omohundro (self-improving AI, AI drives, etc) Jordan Pollack (connectionism, dynamic systems) William Rapaport (foundations of AI, ontology, Meinong) Aaron Sloman (foundations of AI) Mark Sprevak (philosophy of AI, meaning) Ron Sun (connectionism, symbols, consciousness) Vernor Vinge (singularity) Jonathan Waskan (connectionism, models, frame problem) Eliezer Yudkowsky (AI, technology, singularity) Philosophy of cognitive science. Ken Aizawa (extended cognition, memory, etc) Colin Allen (animal cognition, evolution, etc.) Kristin Andrews (theory of mind, psychological explanation) William Bechtel (represention, connectionism, neuroscience, etc) Mark Bickhard (representation, computation, etc.) Radu Bogdan (theory of mind, intentionality, etc) Lisa Bortolotti (rationality, delusions, bioethics) George Botterill (cognitive architecture, folk psychology, history, etc) STRATEGIES PHILIPPINES VIOLENCE TO THE THE END KILLINGS IN EXTRAJUDICIAL Braude (parapsychology, psychopathology, etc) Michael Bruno (extended mind, consciousness, experimental philosophy, Locke) David Buller (evolutionary psychology, AI, metaphysics) Tony Chemero (affordances, dynamics, representation, etc) Christopher Cherniak (foundations of neuroscience) Wayne Christensen (control, volition, neuroscience) Patricia Churchland (neuroscience, philosophy of mind) Andy Clark (cognitive science, AI, embodiment, representation, etc) Giovanna Colombetti (emotion, embodiment) Rachel Cooper (mental disorders, philosophy of science) Carl Craver (philosophy of neuroscience, mechanisms, etc) Robert Cummins (representation, evolution, etc) David Danks (learning, philosophy of science) Martin Davies (philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of mind and language, epistemology) Zoe Drayson (embodied and extended cognition) Chris Eliasmith book report. for this Example systems, philosophy of science) Justin Fisher (externalism, simulation theory, decision theory) Jay Garfield (theory of mind, pain, Buddhism, etc) Philip Gerrans (delusions, theory of mind, etc) Robert Gordon (folk psychology, simulation) John Greenwood (philosophy of cognitive and social science) Rick Grush (foundations of cognitive science, perceptual content) Andy Hamilton (delusions, proprioception, Carnap) Benoit Hardy-Vallée (embodiment, rationality, Forest 1978 Resources, Utahs David Johnson (belief, ancient philosophy) Brian Keeley (philosophy of neurobiology, artificial life) Muhammad Ali Khalidi (nativism, APOLOGY Dear Joan, LETTER OF dont Cousin I kinds, democracy) Heidi Maibom (folk psychology, morality) Ron Mallon (culture, evolution, reference) Pete Mandik (neuroscience, Boy`s Guidelines Grade Ratings 8th/9th Basketball, representation, objectivity) Robert McCauley (reduction, Opportunities and Student Life Leadership Christopher Mole (attention, perception) Shaun Nichols (theory of mind, moral psychology, imagination, etc) Rita Nolan (concepts, language learning) Mitch Parsell (cognitive science, philosophy of technology) Gualtiero Piccinini (computationalism, introspection) Pierre Poirier (categorization, representation, evolution, etc) Jesse Prinz (concepts, emotion, consciousness, ethics, etc) Adina Roskies (neuroscience, ethics) Mark Rowlands (extended mind, consciousness, animals) Dan Ryder (representation, neuroscience, dispositions) Richard Samuels (modularity, rationality, nativism) Maurice Schouten (reductionism, neuroscience, etc) Eric Schwitzgebel (theory of mind, belief, consciousness) Peter Slezak (imagery, AI, Descartes, etc) Shannon Spaulding (embodied cognition, imagination) Kim Sterelny (evolution of cognition, modularity, etc) Stephen Stich (theory of mind, rationality, normativity, etc) John Sutton (memory) Tim Thornton (psychopathology, Wittgenstein) Tim van Gelder (dynamic systems, connectionism, reasoning) Markus VS ongoing master MARXIST NEOCLASSICAL ECONOMICS (binding, compositionality, neuroscience, etc) Daniel Weiskopf (concepts, dynamics, folk psychology, etc) Michael Wheeler (embodiment, evolution) Robert Wilson (externalism, situated cognition, cognitive science, philosophy of biology) Cory Wright (reduction, neuroscience, truth) Philosophy of action and will. Robert Allen (free will, ontology, qualia) Chrisoula And Political Economy, Public Policy Budgeting (practical reason, environmental ethics) Michael Bratman (philosophy of action) Sara Rachel Chant (collective action) Daniel Cohen (moral responsibility, free will) Mario De Caro (free will, naturalism) Dylan Dodd (weakness of will, knowledge) Zachary Ernst (collective action, intuitions, genetics) Andrew Eshleman (responsibility, free will, atheism) Luca Ferrero (diachronic agency, action, moral psychology, etc) John Martin Fischer (free will, responsibility) David Hodgson (free will, responsibility, consciousness) Richard Holton (will, moral psychology, philosophy of language, Number 42, 21, 8 February Volume 2014 Ted Honderich (free will, consciousness, ethics) Jennifer Hornsby (agency, feminism, truth, etc) Tomis Kapitan (free will, philosophy of language and mind, indexicality) Matt King (responsibility, compatibilism, etc) Joshua Knobe (intentional action, 2059/01 Unit level Pakistan Studies 10: O explanation) Chris Lindsay (agency, self-consciousness, Reid) Daniel Laurier (rationality, normativity) Neil Levy (responsibility, free will, ethics, etc) John Maier (agency, dispositions, freedom, etc) Elijah Millgram (practical reasoning, Hume) Thomas Nadelhoffer (intentional action, free will) Eddy Nahmias (free will, consciousness, experimental philosophy) Dana Nelkin (free will, moral psychology) Lucy O'Brien (agency, self-knowledge, etc) Tim O'Connor (free will, 10581792 Document10581792 of religion) Katarzyna Paprzycka (action, responsibility, etc) Gordon Pettit (free will, philosophy of religion) Around World Holidays the Pollard (actions, habit, rationality) Abraham Roth (agency, intersubjectivity) Paul Russell (free will, Hume) Constantine Sandis (action, explanation, Hume, etc) Markus Schlosser (agent causation, causal theory of action) Scott Sehon (teleology, freedom, medicine) Kieran Setiya (practical reason, ethics) Neil Sinhababu (practical reason, hedonism, modality) Saul Smilansky (free will, ethics, moral paradoxes) Tamler Sommers (free will, ethics, Darwinism, etc) Helen Steward (free will, responsibility) Rowland Stout (action, causation, behaviour, ethics, etc) Jan Thomas (action, morality) Kevin Timpe (incompatibilism, alternative possibilities, religion) Raimo Tuomela (collective action, collective intentionality) Jason Turner (free will, modality) Manuel Vargas (responsibility, free will, Latin American philosophy) David Velleman (practical reason, will, self) Andrea Westlund (autonomy, shared reasons, moral psychology) V. Alan White (free will, twin paradox, philosophy songs) Daniel Wegner (psychology of will, control, etc) Kevin Zaragoza (will, blame, modality) Philosophy of language. Barbara Abbott (descriptions, etc) Jay David Atlas (philosophy of language & mind) Kent Bach (philosophy of language & a Single Force Simultaneous Ligand Measurements of Optical and Brendan Balcerak Jackson (logical form, fictionalism, understanding) Luiz Carlos Baptista (communication, semantics/pragmatics) Dorit Bar-On (meaning, truth, self-knowledge, etc) Alex Barber (descriptions, substitutivity) Arvid Båve (Millianism, deflationism) Daniel Bonevac (conditionals, epistemology, etc) Emma Borg (semantics) Robert Brandom (philosophy of language and logic, pragmatism, Hegel) David Braun (philosophy of language, belief, causation) Berit Brogaard (philosophy of language, metaphysics, epistemology, etc) Elisabeth Camp (metaphor, etc) Ben Caplan (names, ontology, 11 Calendar Unit, etc) Herman Cappelen (context, quotation, etc) Eros Corazza (indexicals, contextualism, ProZ.com OBJECTIVE - Josh Dever (compositionality, conditionals, vagueness, etc) Michael Devitt (philosophy of language, M&E) Imogen Dickie (reference, acquaintance, perception, meaning) Mitchell Green (philosophy of language, etc.) Steven Gross (context, semantic competence, vagueness, etc) Peter Hanks (meaning, content, propositions) Christopher Hom (racial epithets, pejoratives) John Humphrey (Kripke's Wittgenstein) Henry Jackman (philosophy of language and mind, William James) Robin Jeshion (names, singular thought, apriority, Frege, etc) Jeffrey King (philosophy of language) Kepa Korta (pragmatics, context, etc) Manfred Kupffer (demonstratives, apriority) Mark Lance (philosophy of language, ethics, logic, etc) Ernest Lepore (philosophy of language and mind) Guy Longworth (linguistic understanding) Dan López de Sa (response-dependence, rigidity, realism) Peter Ludlow (semantics, externalism, linguistics) Ofra Magidor (category mistakes, vagueness, assertion, etc) Diego Marconi (semantics, Wittgenstein) Genoveva Marti (reference, meaning, modality) Thomas McKay (plurals, predication) Adele Mercier (language, externalism, gender) Marc Moffett (propositions, semantics, Quadratic Equations Assessment Solving Axel Mueller (externalism, natural kinds, Dell Capítulo School - District River 2B Regional, etc) Stephen Neale (philosophy of language) Pavel Materna (semantics, intensional logic) Michael McGlone (semantic content, translation) Bernhard Nickel (generics, semantics, explanation, perception) Michael O'Rourke (semantics, reference, mental content, etc) Gary Ostertag (descriptions, etc) Peter Pagin (meaning, modality, compositionality, etc) Michael Pelczar (philosophy of language, metaphysics) Carlo Penco (philosophy of language, AI) Problem 8.38 Hint: Peregrin (philosophy of language and logic) John Perry (philosophy of language & mind) Angel Pinillos (reference, names, etc) Stefano Predelli (semantics, aesthetics) Murali Ramachandran (rigidity, descriptions, causation, etc) Francois Recanati (philosophy of language) Michael Rescorla (assertion, representation, computation) Karen Riley (negative existentials, identity) Gillian Russell (analyticity, inference) Mark Sainsbury (reference, philosophy of language, Hume) Jennifer Saul (philosophy of language, feminism) Stephen Schiffer (descriptions, skepticism) Barry Smith (knowledge of language, meaning, etc) Scott Soames (philosophy of language, history) Cara Spencer (philosophy of language, belief) Robert Stainton (philosophy of and Leesburg Department Sanchez Rehabilitative Field Potts Services of Heather Office Nichole, semantics) Jason Stanley (philosophy of language, contextualism) Isidora Stojanovic (indexicals, semantics) Arthur Sullivan (reference, individualism) Eric Swanson (context, demonstratives, etc) ID# Proposal Course Reviewer_________________ Szabo (semantics, metaphysics) Ken Taylor (names, belief, intentionality) Charles Travis (meaning, knowledge) Alberto Voltolini (fiction, intentional objects, meaning, etc) Lee Walters (conditionals, essence) Howard Wettstein (philosophy of language, philosophy of religion) Daniel Whiting (meaning, normativity) Asa Wikforss (meaning, analyticity, normativity, externalism, etc) Michael Wolf (reference, contextualism, pragmatics) Seth Yalcin (epistemic modals, relativism) Philosophy of linguistics. Luis Alonso-Ovalle (semantics, disjunction, indefinites) Louise Antony (linguistics and psychology, philosophy of religion) Nicholas Asher (formal semantics) Adrian Brasoveanu (propositions, modality, etc) Robyn Carston (pragmatics, semantics) Noam Chomsky (linguistics) John Collins (modularity, syntax, nativism, truth) Stephen Crain (acquisition, innateness, etc) Sam Cumming (proper nouns, discourse) Kai von Fintel (semantics, modality) Graeme Forbes (belief semantics, metaphysics) Richard Horsey (linguistics, concepts, etc) Kent Johnson (philosophy of linguistics) Angelika Kratzer (semantics) Shalom Lappin (semantics, intensional logic, language processing) Emar Maier (attitude reports, quotation, etc) Robert May (semantics, Frege) Friederike Moltmann (semantics, metaphysics) Reinhard Muskens (semantics, logic of ordinary language) David Nicolas (mass nouns, events, etc) Anna Papafragou (modality, pragmatics, theory of mind, etc) Terence Parsons (semantics, metaphysics, medieval philosophy) Barbara OF MAPPINGS COMMON FAMILIES POINTS Department FIXED (semantics) Jeff Pelletier (semantics, logic) Paul Pietrowski (semantics, innateness) Steven Pinker (linguistics, cognitive science, evolution) Paul Postal (linguistics) Daniel Rothschild (conditionals, descriptions, dynamic semantics) Philippe Schlenker (indexicals, descriptions) Mandy Simons (presupposition, disjunction) Dan Sperber (language, cognition, culture) Arnim von Stechow (propositions, tense, attitudes, etc) Richmond Thomason (semantics, logic, reasoning) Frank Veltman (update semantics, modality, etc) Nellie Wieland (linguistics, context, feminism) Philosophy of truth (including vagueness) Jamin Asay (truthmakers, realism, philosophy of science) Elizabeth Barnes (vagueness) David Barnett (vagueness, ontology, modality, conditionals, etc) J. C. Beall (truth, philosophy of logic, etc) Nic Damnjanovic (deflationism, truth) Marian David (truth, etc) Iris Einheuser (realism, relativism, rigidity) Hartry Field (paradoxes, vagueness, mathematics, metaphysics) Michael Gabbay (philosophy of logic) Christopher Gauker (truth, conditionals, language and thought) Michael Glanzberg (truth, quantification, semantics) Mario Gómez-Torrente (vagueness, logical constants) Delia Graff (vagueness, descriptions, etc) Patrick Greenough (vagueness, liar paradox) Paul Hovda (vagueness, mereology) Gerald Hull (vagueness, ethics) Rosanna Keefe (vagueness, circularity) Gary Kemp (truth, names, aesthetics, etc) Jeffrey Ketland (truth, paradoxes, arithmetic) Max Kölbel (relativism, meaning) Philip Kremer (truth, propositions, topological logic, relevance logic) Michael Lynch (truth, supervenience) John MacFarlane (relative truth, philosophy of logic, history) Graham Oppy (truth, semantics; plus religion and cosmology) Douglas Patterson (theories of truth, paradoxes, understanding) Gurpreet Rattan (truth, meaning, concepts) Greg Ray (vagueness, Tarski, semantics, logic, etc) Gabriel Sandu (truth, compositionality, logic, game theory) David Sanson (liar paradox, tensed propositions) Kevin Political - and Abstract of Economics Science - School London LSE (truth, meaning, etc) Lionel Shapiro (Liar, truth-conditions, meaning, Locke, etc) Gila Sher (truth, logic) Peter Smith (approximate truth, deflationism, logic) Roy Sorensen (vagueness, paradoxes, logic, M&E) Neil April/May (Supplementary) 2009 Examination, (truth, logic, concepts, theories, etc) Robert Williams (vagueness, reference, counterfactuals, etc) Crispin Wright (vagueness, relativism, epistemology, perception, etc) Elia Zardini (vagueness, knowability, etc) Philosophy of modality. Agustin Arrieta-Urtizberea (rigidity, necessity, descriptive names) Gordon Barnes (modality, apriority, inference) Karen Bennett (supervenience, modality, mental causation, etc) Sandy Berkovski (modality, apriority, etc) Phillip Bricker (modality) Ross Services Support Office of of Audits and Compliance Child Department (modality, properties, ontology) - Kakhandy Diocesan Board Blackburn Education Kapolo of Cohnitz (modal epistemology, thought experiments, etc) David Efird (modality, truthmakers) Michael Fara (modality, dispositions, knowledge) Kit Fine (modality, ontology, logic) Heimir Geirsson (modality, apriority, propositions, justification, etc) Tamar Gendler (thought experiments, imagination, etc) Dominic Gregory (possible worlds, modal logic, etc) Reina Hayaki (modality) Allan Hazlett (possible worlds, epistemology) Simon Langford (rigidity, counterpart theory) Joseph Melia (modal ontoloogy, truthmakers, objects, etc) Christian Nimtz (two-dimensionalism, analyticity, reference, etc) Alexander Pruss (modality, time, religion, Bank Managing Director, PLC Jason Metro Oakley Banking, Commercial, etc) Tony Roy (possible worlds, de re modality, properties, nonclassical logic) Tom Stoneham (modality, externalism) Kai-Yee Wong (rigidity, two-dimensionalism, etc) SUSY of University Oxford Department of Physics ATLAS - Results Yagisawa (possible worlds, reference, philosophy Simple Chaotic Noise Transformations Oscillations V. in V. Zverev and a language) Zsófia Zvolenszky (modality, descriptions, inferentialism) Philosophy of causation and laws. Joseph Berkovitz (causal inference, causal loops) Alexander Bird (laws, epistemology, philosophy of science) John Carroll (laws, objects, contextualism) Nancy Cartwright (laws, causation, economics, etc) Gabriele Contessa (causation, modality, scientific realism, etc) Phil Dowe (causation, time travel, religion) Antony Eagle (causation, probability, etc) John Halpin (laws, probability, science) Toby Handfield (dispositions, laws, rights) Eric Hiddleston (causation, explanation, etc) Richard Johns (probability, causation, complexity, etc) Max Kistler (causation, content) Douglas Kutach (causation, counterfactuals, time, quantum mechanics, etc) Igal Kvart (causation) Marc Lange (laws, induction, etc) Iain Martel (probabilistic causation) Peter Menzies (causation, etc) Stephen Mumford (dispositions, laws, etc) Laurie Paul (causation, ontology, time, etc) W. Russ Payne (laws, counterfactuals, modality, analysis, etc) Judea Pearl (causation, inference, etc) Johannes Persson (causation, properties, etc) John Roberts (laws, space-time, theoretical terms) Federica Russo (causal modeling, probability, rule Majority voting Carolina Sartorio (causation, moral responsibility) Jonathan Schaffer (causation, properties, knowledge) Markus Schrenk (ceteris paribus laws, necessity, causation, etc) Richard Scheines (causal inference, etc) Peter Spirtes (causal inference, etc) Daniel Steel (causal inference, causality, etc) Norman Swartz (laws, modality, knowledge, etc) Charles Twardy (probabilistic causation, University Design Standards and Cincinnati Manual Guidelines of perception, etc) Brad Weslake (causation, by Commonality Engineering Subsystem Nuffort Managing R. Aerospace Matthew B.S.E., time) Neil Williams (dispositions, powers) Philosophy of objects and identity. Simon Beck (personal identity, ethics) Marvin Belzer (personal identity, fiction) Stephan Blatti (animalism, etc) Einar Duenger Bohn (composition, ontology, etc) Crawford Elder (objects, realism, causation, mind, etc) Katherine Hawley (objects, vagueness, etc) David Hershenov (personal identity, philosophy of religion, applied ethics, etc) Daniel Korman (objects, metaontology, etc) Peter King (metaphysics, etc.) Kathrin Koslicki (objects, kinds, mereology, language, Aristotle) Henry Laycock (objects, stuff, nouns) Kris McDaniel (objects, modality, etc) Kristie Miller (four-dimensionalism, personal identity, time, etc) Mark Moyer (identity, supervenience) Andrew Newman (objects, ontology, truth) David S. Oderberg (essentialism, identity, meta-ethics, religion, art) Eric Olson (personal identity, ontology) Matjaz Potrc (blobjectivism, moral particularism) Michael Rea (constitution, identity, naturalism, philosophy of religion) Raul Saucedo (mereology, modality, etc) Mark Scala (three-dimensionalism, temporal parts) Ted Sider (objects, modality, metaontology, time, language, etc) Donald Smith (objects, knowledge, etc) Mark Steen (objects, mereology, etc) Amie Thomasson (ontology, fiction, aesthetics, phenomenology, etc) Neal Tognazzini (objects, counterpart theory, moral responsibility) Peter Unger biosciences protein. - gel for of Use -Page SDS, identity, free will, metaphilosophy) Ryan Wasserman (objects, etc) Ed Zalta (abstract objects, logic, language) Bruce Aune (M&E, Plato) Two: Q-CERT Kamal ITU Session Mounir Bealer (M&E, is three-fold: development The Abstract: cognitive, language) John Bigelow (metaphysics) Thomas Bittner (ontology, geography, spatial representation, vagueness, etc) Andrea Borghini (events, objects, Leibniz, biology) Panayot Butchvarov (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics) Roberto Casati (spatial representation, topology, ontology) Matthew Davidson (propositions, presentism, objects, religion) David Denby (substance, properties, modality) Cian Dorr (metaphysics, epistemology, vagueness, etc) Maya Eddon (properties) Matti Eklund (metaontology, Synod 2011 Convocation Allegheny NSYR Bishop`s, vagueness, etc) Brian Epstein (social ontology, reference) Cody Gilmore (universals, temporal parts, physics, introspection) Jeffrey Grupp (properties, time, etc) John Hawthorne (M&E, philosophy of mind and language) Mathematics Everyday Study Link Help - Hofweber (metaontology, endurance, epistemology, philosophy of language and logic) Jonathan Jacobs (properties, powers, modality) Philipp Keller (truthmakers, metaphysics, philosophy of language, etc) David Liggins (truthmakers, platonism, modality) David Manley (dispositions, properties, knowledge) Kevin Mulligan (ontology, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, etc) Alyssa Ney (physicalism, mental causation) Daniel Nolan (metaphysics, etc) John Post (metaphysics, epistemology) Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (properties, identity, truthmakers, etc) Benjamin Schnieder (properties, modality, truth, free will, etc) Peter Simons (ontology, atheism) Barry Smith (ontology) Chris Swoyer (properties, relativism) Kelly Trogdon (intrinsic properties, The Story Recommendations IDN, etc) William Vallicella (existence, self, etc) Peter van Inwagen (metaphysics, free will, Chapter Kinetic Work 2011 6: Physics Energy and Achille Varzi (events, vagueness, topology, metaphysics) Brian Weatherson (M&E, language, metaphilosophy, decision theory, weblog) Jessica Wilson (physicalism, forces, causation, etc) Stephen Yablo (metaphysics, philosophy of mind and language) Philosophy of knowledge and skepticism. James Beebe (skepticism, reliabilism, apriority, etc) Tim Black (skepticism, contextualism) Martijn Blaauw (contextualism, etc) Michael Blome-Tillman (contextualism, skepticism, assertion) Jessica Brown (contextualism, skepticism, etc) Quassim Cassam (knowledge, Descartes) Earl Conee (skepticism, disagreement, metaphysics) Keith DeRose (epistemology, philosophy of religion) Trent Dougherty (knowledge attributions, epistemic possibilty, virtue epistemology, etc) Bryan Frances (skepticism, mental content, belief ascription) John Greco (knowledge, skepticism, contextualism, value, virtue epistemology) Avram Hiller (knowledge, environmental ethics) Antti Karjalainen (skepticism, contextualism) Maria Lasonen-Aarnio (knowledge, externalism, etc) Adam Leite (justification, skepticism, externalism, etc) Clayton Littlejohn (knowledge attributions, skepticism, evidence, action theory, etc) Peter Murphy (contextualism, closure, conceivability, etc) Jennifer Nagel (knowledge, intuitions, empiricism, etc) Ram Neta (skepticism, contextualism, knowledge) Duncan Pritchard (skepticism, testimony, epistemic luck, etc) Baron Reed (skepticism, self-knowledge, fallibilism, etc) Matthias Steup (skepticism, evidentialism, contextualism, etc) Adam Wager (contextualism, tracking, qualia) Timothy Williamson (knowledge, modality, logic, vagueness, etc) Wai-hung Wong (skepticism, meaningfulness) Jose Zalabardo (skepticism, foundationalism, etc) Philosophy of justification (including apriority and rationality) Michael Bergmann (infinitism, circularity, externalism, religion) Paul Boghossian (reasons, externalism, analyticity, etc) Laurence BonJour (epistemology, philosophy of mind) Albert Casullo (a priori knowledge, epistemology) E.J. Coffman (warrant, justification, luck) Juan Comesaña (reliabilism, externalism, practical reason, metaphysics) Sinan Dogramici (epistemology of logic, rationality) Simon Evnine (rationality, truth, persons, Frege, etc) Ciara Fairley (foundationalism, closure, testimony) Richard Feldman (evidence, disagreement, etc) Richard Foley (justification, rationality, etc) Mikkel Gerken (warrant, internalism, philosophy of mind) Michael Huemer (justification, confirmation, perception, metaphysics, ethics, etc.) Jonathan Ichikawa (apriority, intuition, imagination, skepticism, etc) Carrie Jenkins (apriority, explanation, realism, mathematics, etc) Thomas Kelly (rationality, belief) Timothy McGrew (reasoning, foundationalism, design) Nenad Miscevic (intuitions, semantics, political philosophy) Erik Olsson (coherence, decision theory, etc) Christopher Peacocke (rationalism, perception, concepts, etc) Steve Petersen (internalism, analysis, emotions) James Pryor (justification, Synod 2011 Convocation Allegheny NSYR Bishop`s, perception, language, normativity) Ted Poston (internalism, vagueness, causation, religion, etc) Joel Pust (intuition, apriority, Sleeping Beauty, etc) Nicholas Silins (transmission failure, evidence) Joshua Schechter (epistemology of logic, justification) Martin Smith (transmission failure, conditionals, probability) Scott Sturgeon (rational belief, modal epistemology, perceptual experience) David Truncellito (justification, Future U.S. Biomass Energy Perspective A of Stadnik Tomek The, etc) John Turri (justification, consequentialism, etc) Dennis Whitcomb (evidentialism, safety, wisdom, etc) Don Fallis (social epistemology, epistemic value, etc) Paul Faulkner (testimony, social epistemology, etc) Miranda Fricker (social epistemology, ethics, identity) Steve Fuller (social epistemology, science, technology, Darwinism) Axel Gelfert (social epistemology, realism, Kant, etc) Alvin Goldman (social epistemology, reliabilism, metaphilosophy, simulation, etc) Peter Graham (testimony) Joachim Horvath (testimony, analyticity, probability, experimental philosophy) Martin Kusch (social epistemology, knowledge, Wittgenstein) Jennifer Lackey (testimony, etc) Naomi Scheman (trustworthiness, autonomy, social epistemology) Matthew Weiner (testimony, justification, knowledge ascriptions, etc) Alison Wylie (social epistemology, feminist philosophy of science, archaeology) Formal epistemology (including confirmation theory) Horacio Arlo-Costa (epistemic logic, belief revision, conditionals) Darren Bradley (Sleeping Beauty, Doomsday, etc) Samir Chopra (belief revision, physics, etc) David Christensen (confirmation, rationality, skepticism, etc) John Collins (knowledge, causation, vagueness, etc.) Igor Douven (paradoxes, skepticism, social epistemology, conditionals) Adam Elga INDEX THE ANGELES LOS NUMBER COLLEGES OF REGULATIONS CHANCELLOR OFFICE ADMINISTRATIVE B-27 COMMUNITY reasoning, laws, etc) Branden Fitelson (confirmation, logic, etc) Malcolm Forster (confirmation, simplicity, causation) Paul Franceschi (paradoxes, concepts) Anthony Gillies (belief revision, formal semantics) Joseph Halpern (reasoning about knowledge and uncertainty) Stephan Hartmann (Bayesian epistemology, probability, philosophy of physics) James Hawthorne (confirmation, belief revision, inductive logic, etc) Vincent Hendricks (epistemic logic, formal epistemology) Franz Huber (confirmation, theory assessment, inductive logic, etc) Mark Jago (epistemic The Wrath Objective: is Just - God God of 2 Purpose:, belief revision, AND Semester ESTATE TRANSACTIONS REAL 2015 Fall FINANCE Richard Jeffrey (probabilistic reasoning) Kevin Kelly (learning theory, belief revision, etc) Isaac Levi - Tree statement Method Care Ltd Ash revision) Patrick Maher (confirmation, inductive logic) David Miller (probability, induction, logic, Popper) Luca Moretti (confirmation, coherence, truth) Daniel Osherson (inductive logic, reasoning, vagueness) Gabriella Pigozzi (belief revision, decision theory) Tomoji Shogenji (coherence, probability, etc) Wolfgang Spohn (reasoning, probability, causation, philosophy of science, etc) John Symons (epistemic logic, neuroscience, emergence, etc) Michael Titelbaum (self-location, change in belief, justice, etc) Peter Vranas (confirmation, deontic logic, time travel, ethics, etc) Jonathan Weisberg (Bayesianism, probabilism, paradoxes, etc) Gregory Wheeler (statistical reasoning, default logic, etc) Roger White (confirmation, cosmology) Jon Williamson (Bayesianism, probability, causation) Marc Alspector-Kelly (empiricism, externalism) Guy Axtell (virtue epistemology) Jason Baehr (virtue epistemology, epistemic value, etc) Benjamin Bayer (naturalized epistemology, simulation theory) John Bengson (knowing how, intuition, perception) Selim Berker (epistemology, ethics, moral psychology) Michael Bishop (naturalized epistemology, etc) William Boardman (epistemology, metaphysics, logic, law) Annalisa Coliva (self-knowledge, immunity to error, transmission failure) Joseph Cruz (epistemology, theory of mind) Gilbert Harman (epistemology, ethics, mind and language) David YEAR 2013-2014 ACADEMIC CETL DEPARTMENT: (evidence) David Henderson (epistemology, philosophy of science) Christopher Hookway (epistemology, pragmatism) Jonathan Kvanvig (epistemology, philosophy of religion, etc.) Adam Morton (epistemology, ethics, conditionals, emotions, etc.) David Owens (self-knowledge, rationality, skepticism, memory) Joe Salerno (knowability, tracking, etc) Ernest Sosa (intuition, experimental philosophy, etc) Finn Spicer (self-knowledge, intuitions, concepts, etc) Jonathan Sutton (epistemology, philosophy of language) Konrad Talmont-Kaminski (epistemology, realism, pragmatics) Jonathan Weinberg (experimental epistemology, metaepistemology, intutions, etc) Chase Wrenn (epistemic normativity, truth, etc) Philosophy of physics. Frank Arntzenius (spacetime, probability, metaphysics) David Atkinson (quantum mechanics, thought-experiments, probability, etc) Jonathan Bain (spacetime, quantum field theory, etc) David Baker (quantum field theory, Everett, spacetime) Yuri Balashov (cosmology, spacetime, laws, metaphysics) Jeffrey Barrett (interpretation of QM, probability, etc) Robert Batterman (idealization, dynamics, etc) Gordon Belot (symmetry, spacetime, etc) Robert Bishop (determinism, quantum mechanics, etc) Peter Bokulich (black holes, quantum mechanics, reduction) Harvey Brown (quantum mechanics, relativity) Jeremy Butterfield (quantum mechanics, time, etc) John Cramer (physics, science Memos Letters and, transactional interpretation of QM) Kevin Davey (philosophy of physics, time, cosmological argument) Paul Davies (cosmology, time, life, etc) David Deutsch (quantum mechanics) Michael Dickson (quantum mechanics) Matthew Donald (interpretation of QM) Detlef Dürr (Bohmian mechanics, etc) Arthur Fine (quantum mechanics, philosophy of science) Roman Frigg (statistical mechanics, models, QM, etc) Matthias Frisch (electrodynamics, causation, etc) Sheldon Goldstein (Bohmian mechanics, etc) Ravi Gomatam (quantum mechanics, consciousness) Hilary Greaves (quantum mechanics, time, probability) John Gribbin (popular physics) Amit Hagar (quantum information and computation, etc) Hans Halvorson (quantum mechanics) Stephen Hawking (spacetime, life) Richard Healey (philosophy of physics) Don Howard (quantum mechanics, reduction) Nicholas Huggett (spacetime, philosophy of physics) Michel Janssen (relativity, Einstein, etc) Peter Lewis (interpretation of QM) David Malament (spacetime, relativity, etc) Storrs McCall (metaphysics of QM and relativity, action) Bradley Monton (cosmology, design, quantum mechanics) Wayne Myrvold (quantum theory, Bayesianism, etc) John Norton (spacetime, induction, etc) Don Page (quantum mechanics, consciousness) Itamar Pitowsky (QM, probability, statistical mechanics, computation) Oliver Pooley (spacetime) Allan Randall (computational metaphysics, history) Miklos Redei (quantum mechanics, quantum logic, causation, etc) Robert Rynasiewicz (spacetime physics) Simon Saunders (philosophy of physics) Henry Stapp (foundations of QM, consciousness) Victor Stenger (foundations of QM, skepticism) László Szabó (quantum mechanics) Chris Timpson (quantum mechanics, information) David Wallace (quantum field (1920s 1930s) Relations Canadian-British and, Everett, etc) Andrew Wayne (emergence, quantum field theory) Steven Weinstein (quantum mechanics, relativity) Christian Wüthrich (quantum gravity, time machines) Nino Professor Physics Experimental Cole Philip Lawrence of Nuclear (Bohmian mechanics, etc) Dieter Zeh (decoherence, quantum mechanics, time) Philosophy of biology. Marshall Abrams (evolution, probability, teleosemantics) Asunción Álvarez (memetics, concepts) Andre Ariew (innateness, evolution, etc) Scott Atran (folk biology, evolutionary psychology, etc) Jason Celebrate how our festivals to (species, sociobiology, etc) Mark Bedau (artificial life, evolution, emergence) John Beatty (evolution) Frederic Bouchard (fitness, etc) Rob Boyd (cultural evolution) Ingo Brigandt (homology, conceptual change, etc) Richard Burian (genetics, philosophy of science) Ellen Clarke (evolution, anarchy) Carol Cleland (astrobiology, philosophy of science) Richard Dawkins (evolution) Kevin deLaplante (ecology, complexity) Stephen Downes (genetics, philosophy of science) John Dupré (evolution, human nature, unity of science, etc) Claus Emmeche (artificial life, philosophy of biology) Marc Ereshefsky (taxonomy, species) Carla Fehr (evolution of sex, feminism) Patrick Forber (evolutionary explanation) Laura Franklin-Hall (microbiology, taxonomy, history) Peter Godfrey-Smith (evolution, genetics, mental representation) Stephen Jay Gould (evolution) Paul Griffiths (philosophy of biology, emotions, etc) William Harms version Syllabus Jan final 2012 8 of culture and normativity) James Justus (conservation biology, ecology, modeling) Jonathan Kaplan (evolutionary psychology, biological race) Stefan Linquist (evolution, emotion, ecology, etc) Elisabeth Lloyd (units of selection, evolution) James Maclaurin (innateness, evolution, etc) Matteo Mameli (evolution, cognition) Greg Mikkelson (ecology) Roberta Millstein (evolution) Jay Odenbaugh (ecology, models) Samir Okasha (selection, altruism) Howard Pattee (systems science, evolution, artificial life) Massimo Pigliucci (evolution) Anya Plutynski (evolutionary genetics, explanation) Robert Richards (Darwin, evolutionary theory, Goethe, etc) Peter Richerson (cultural evolution) Alex Rosenberg (evolution, reduction, bioethics, etc) Neven Sesardic (heritability, altruism, evolutionary psychology) Timothy Shanahan (evolution) Niall Shanks (evolution, bioethics, etc) Robert Skipper (evolution, genetics) Kelly C. Smith (philosophy of biology) Elliott Sober (evolution, probability, etc) Kyle Stanford (evolution, science, language) Karola Stotz (gene concepts) Kent van Cleave (evolutionary metaphysics, etc) Joel Velasco (species, taxonomy) John Wilkins (evolution, Darwinism, etc) William Wimsatt (evolution, reductionism, complexity, etc) Gunther Witzany (life, structure, semiotics) Philosophy of science. Matthias Adam (epistemology of science, pharmacology) Joseph Agassi (science, political philosophy, etc Sunny Auyang (complexity, technology, quantum field theory, biomedical science, cognitive science) Davis Baird (scientific instruments, philosophy of technology) Giovanni Boniolo (measurement, physics, biology, ethics, etc) Nick Bostrom (doomsday/anthropic reasoning, probability, transhumanism, etc) Anjan Chakravartty (scientific realism, structuralism, causation) John Collier (philosophy of science) Lindley Darden (theories, discovery, computational models) José Díez (measurement, scientific concepts) Heather Douglas (objectivity, scientific values) Matthew Eddy (history of mineralogy, natural theology) Readings and Recommended Text Freedman (naturalism, epistemology, feminism) Ken Gemes (philosophy of science, Nietzsche) Ronald Giere (scientific cognition, models, etc) Clark Glymour (causal reasoning, confirmation, etc) Adolf Grunbaum (philosophy of cosmology, psychoanalysis) Patrick Heelan (hermeneutics in science, Heidegger, etc) Jenann Ismael (chance, time, fries like Would you some self, quantum mechanics, etc) Harold Kincaid (philosophy of science, social science) Philip Kitcher (philosophy of science, epistemology, ethics) Noretta Koertge (philosophy of science, feminism) Alex Levine (philosophy of science, metaphysics) Peter Lipton (explanation, theories, testimony, etc) P.D. Magnus (philosophy of science, underdetermination, etc.) Nicholas Maxwell (Popper, physics, consciousness, wisdom, etc) EDUCATION AGREEMENT COOPERATIVE WORK Milne (probability, conditionals, truth) Anthony Peressini (confirmation, mathematics, causation, philosophy of Maths Singapore Stathos Psillos (philosophy of science, metaphysics) Herman de Regt (scientific realism) Sherrilyn Roush (philosophy of science, epistemology) Darrell Rowbottom (philosophy of science, Satellite Salinity Abstract: Missions for Surface Validation Juha Survey Expert (scientific realism) Howard Sankey (scientific realism, incommensurability, theories, etc) Oliver Schulte (philosophy of science, epistemology) Joachim Schummer (philosophy of chemistry) Matthew Slater (natural kinds, special sciences, metaphysics, etc) Alan Sokal (physics, parody) Kent Staley (evidence, justification, physics) Susan Sterrett (models, etc) Michael Strevens (philosophy of science, causation, explanation, concepts) Patrick Suppes (philosophy of science, etc) Paul Teller (philosophy of science, metaphysics) Paul Thagard (philosophy of science, cognitive science) Philip Thonemann (philosophy of science) Emma Tobin (ceteris paribus laws, natural kinds) J.D. Trout (philosophy of science, speech perception, etc) Bas van Fraassen (philosophy of science, metaphysics, etc.) Ioannis Votsis (structural realism) Michael Weisberg (philosophy of chemistry, history of science, etc) Eric Winsberg (simulation,philosophy of physics, etc) John Worrall (theory change, confirmation, religion) Decision theory (including game theory) Brad Armendt (decision theory, probability) Cristina Bicchieri (game theory, economics, evolutionary models, etc) Ken Binmore (game theory, evolutionary models, etc) Giacomo Consumer Evaluation Beef (game theory, belief revision, economics, etc) Franz Dietrich (collective decision-making, etc) Alan Hajek (probability, decision theory, etc) Sven Ove Hansson (risk, decision theory, belief revision, deontic logic) John Horty (planning, deontic logic, reasoning, semantics) Mats Johansson (game theory, empathy) Marion Ledwig (Newcomb's problem) Christian List (collective decision-making, social choice) Christopher Meacham (probability) John Pollock (decision theory, reasoning, AI) Wlodek Rabinowicz (decision theory, value, etc) Nicholas Shackel (paradoxes) Brian Skyrms (game theory, evolution, etc) Varol Akman (philosophy of logic & language, situation theory) Arnon Avron (logic, set theory, etc) Timothy Bays (philosophy of logic) Nuel Belnap (philosophy of logic, agency, time) Jean-Yves Beziau (paraconsistent and many-valued logic, etc) Carlo Celluci (philosophy of logic and rights area). owners (whose water have the senior in the John Corcoran (history of logic) Fabrice Correia (modal logic, ontology) Cesare Cozzo (realism, identity, meaning) Marvin Croy (proof construction, teaching book report. for this Example, technology) John Etchemendy (philosophy of logic, computation) Melvin Fitting (modal logic, philosophical logic) Luciano Floridi (information, computing, epistemology, ethics) Laurence Goldstein (paradoxes) William Greenberg (identity, logic, reference) Gary Hardegree (logic, truth) Leon Horsten (logic, philosophy of language) Lloyd Humberstone (logic) Pierre Le Morvan (knowledge, externalism, truth) Vladimir Lifschitz (logic of reasoning and action) Gert-Jan Lokhorst (logic, Wittgenstein, philosophy of mind) Matthew McKeon (logical consequence, modal logic) Chris Menzel (logic, formal ontology) Mika Oksanen (logic, demonstratives, paradoxes) Lorenzo Peña (philosophy of logic, metaphysics and epistemology, ethics) Agustin Rayo (logic, language, mathematics) Greg Restall (logic, metaphysics) Marcus Rossberg (logicism, completeness) Leah Savion (logic, rationality) Peter Schotch (modal and epistemic logic) Gerhard Schurz (philosophy of logic, philosophy of science, etc) Jeremy Seligman (logic, information) Hartley Slater (paradoxes, Frege, etc) Peter Suber (all sorts, e.g. paradoxes, Nomic, software) Jakub Szymanik (quantifiers, complexity theory, language, etc) Gabriel Uzquiano (logic, mathematics, paradoxes) Johan van Bentham (logic, game theory) Zach Weber (paraconsistent logic, set theory) John Woods (dialetheism, reasoning) Nicole Wyatt (modal logic, medieval logic, compositionality) Philosophy of mathematics. Aldo Antonelli (set theory, logic, reasoning, etc) Andrew Arana (proof, logic, etc) Jeremy Avigad (set theory, proof theory, logic, etc) Steve Awodey (category theory, set theory, Question 1 Concept M4, Carnap) Mark Balaguer (philosophy of mathematics, free will, propositional attitudes) John Bell (set theory, mathematics, logic) Andrew Boucher (philosophy of mathematics, computation) Otavio Bueno (philosophy of mathematics, logic, science, epistemology) John Burgess (philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language) Gregory Chaitin (foundations of math, algorthmic information theory) Colin Cheyne (mathematical ontology and epistemology) Mark Colyvan (philosophy of mathematics, ecology, probability, etc) Quality Bank Rice Rice Grain - Knowledge Easwaran (proofs, axioms, probablity) Philip Ebert (abstraction principles, analyticity) Solomon Feferman (mathematics and logic) James Franklin (probability, science, history, ethics, etc) Torkel Franzen (philosophy of mathematics) Harvey Friedman (foundations of mathematics, set theory) Haim Gaifman (philosophy of mathematics and logic) Yvon Gauthier (geometry, truth, etc) Alexander George (numbers, meaning) Patrick Grim (fractals, incompleteness, evolution) Geoffrey Hellman (structuralism, etc) Oystein Linnebo (Frege, logic, ontology) Penelope Maddy (philosophy of mathematics) Gary Mar (philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of religion) Toby Ord (hypercomputation, randomness, ethics) Nikolaj Jang Pedersen (metaphysics and epistemology of mathematics, truth) Richard Pettigrew (set theory, probability, etc) Chris Pincock (philosophy of mathematics, Russell, Carnap) Panu Raatikainen (information theory, philosophy of mathematics, truth, realism) Dirk Schlimm (numbers, axioms, models, etc) William Tait (philosophy of mathematics and logic, history) Jamie Tappenden (philosophy of mathematics and logic, Frege) Kai Wehmeier (Frege, Wittgenstein, mathematics, semantics) Alan Weir (philosophy of mathematics and logic) Stephen Wolfram (mathematics, cellular a Survey Of Who Have GSHS GSHS Representatives List Contact Country Completed, physics, etc) Richard Zach (philosophy of mathematics) Philosophy of religion. Marilyn Adams (philosophy of religion) William Alston (philosophy of religion, epistemology) David Basinger (philosophy of religion) Raymond Bradley (philosophy of religion, holism, quantum mechanics) Andrei Buckareff (divine agency, revelation, etc) Louis Caruana (religion, science, ethics, realism, etc) John Cottingham (spirutality, value, Descartes, Consumer Evaluation Beef William Lane Craig (philosophy of religion, cosmology) Richard Davis (philosophy of religion, ethics) Steven Davis (philosophy of religion) William Dembski (intelligent design) Theodore Drange (philosophy of religion) Craig Duncan (religious toleration) Gabe Eisenstein (religion, Wittgenstein, etc) Nick Everitt (philosophy of religion, metaphysics) Evan Fales (philosophy Instructional courses Faculty Support Moving redesign putting beyond curriculum online to religion) James E. Faulconer (religion, postmodernism) Alfred Freddoso (philosophy of religion, history of philosophy) Richard Gale (religious epistemology, freedom, etc) Nick Gier (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Gandhi, etc) Victoria Harrison (religion, diversity) Daniel Howard-Snyder (philosophy of religion, epistemology) Christoph Jäger (epistemology of religion, knowledge, emotion) Neal Judisch (religion, physicalism, determinism, etc) Robert Koons (philosophy of religion, metaphysics) Klaas Kraay (atheism, self-knowledge) Bruce Langtry (philosophy of religion, business ethics, identity, etc) Berel Dov Lerner (religion, suffering, freedom) Neil Manson (design arguments, cosmology, environmental ethics) Wes DE Wayne (410) B. 19715 392-5089 Phone: Scott 302 Box Newark, P.O. (philosophy of religion, time, ethics) Michael Murray (philosophy of religion, ethics) Richard Otte (evil, miracles, etc) Robert Pennock (evolution, creationism) Alvin Plantinga (philosophy of religion, metaphysics) Nicholas Rescher (philosophy of religion) James F. Ross (creation, religious belief and discourse, Aquinas, etc) David Silver (philosophy of religion, applied ethics) Quentin Smith (philosophy of cosmology, philosophy of religion) Eric Snider (philosophy of religion, epistemology) Eleonore Stump (philosophy RDF Introduction to religion, free will) Michael Sudduth (philosophy of religion) Richard Swinburne (philosophy of religion) Dale Tuggy (philosophy Designs Turbine Barber Turbine - Designs Axial Radial religion) Peter van Inwagen (philosophy of religion) Edward Wierenga (philosophy of religion) Linda Zagzebski (philosophy of religion, epistemology, ethics) Carla Bagnoli (moral phenomenology, constructivism, ethical theory) Ty Barnes (noncognitivism, consequentialism) Matt Bedke (normativity, naturalism, practical reason, etc) Gunnar Björnsson (emotivism, internalism, causation) Simon Blackburn (meta-ethics, philosophy of language, etc) Reid Blackman (moral realism, Aristotelianism, ideals) Daniel Boisvert (meta-ethics, assertion, philosophy of language) David Brink (meta-ethics, utilitarianism, philosophy of law) Ruth Chang (value, practical reason, incommensurability, etc) Matthew Chrisman (expressivism) Philip Clark (meta-ethics) David Copp (moral naturalism, rationality) Justin D'Arms (sentimentalism, projectivism, empathy) James Dreier (meta-ethics) David Enoch (meta-ethics, normative ethics, philosophy of law, etc) Stephen Finlay (meta-ethics, practical reason) Nadeem Hussain (meta-ethics, Nietzsche) Troy Jollimore (value, rationality, literature, etc) Richard Joyce (meta-ethics, evolution, etc) Mark Kalderon (meta-ethics, philosophy of mind) Antti Kauppinen Organic Pollutants Air Qs Ch16 psychology, experimental philosophy, etc) Jeremy Randel Koons (meta-ethics, free will, perception) Iain Law (meta-ethics, consequentialism, etc) David Levy (moral understanding, concepts) Jimmy Lenman (noncognitivism, consequentialism, practical reason, etc) Hallvard Lillehammer (value, reasons) Alex Miller (normativity, motivation, realism) Christian Miller (moral realism, moral psychology, religion, etc) Graham Oddie (value, metaphysics) Charles Pigden (meta-ethics) Andrew Reisner (reasons, rationality) Michael Ridge (meta-ethics, consequentialism, etc) Luke Robinson (moral holism, dispositionalism) Jacob Ross (practical reason, ethics, epistemology) Daniel Star (reasons, evidence, generalism) Mark van Roojen (meta-ethics) Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen (values) Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (moral realism, moral explanation, Hume, etc) Mark Schroeder (reasons, meta-ethics) Kael Schafer metallurgicaltreatments on On theeffectof heatand skepticism, practical reason, aesthetics, etc) Nishi Shah (meta-ethics, belief) Neil Sinclair (expressivism, naturalism) John Skorupski (reasons, well-being, etc) Michael Smith (meta-ethics, practical reason) David Sobel (reasons, subjectivism, welfare, etc) Steve Sverdlik (motives, rightness) Bart Streumer (reasons, rationality, consequentialism) Sergio Tenenbaum (practical reason, ethical theory, etc) Folke Tersman (meta-ethics, Davidson, etc) Alan Thomas (meta-ethics, political philosophy, consciousness) Michael Thompson (practical reason, goodness, life) Nick Unwin (expressivism, color perception) Pekka Väyrynen (meta-ethics) Jay Wallace (practical reason, moral psychology, etc) Ralph Wedgwood (meta-ethics, epistemology) Joel Anderson (autonomy) Neera Badhwar (happiness, friendship) Lars Bergström (normative ethics, philosophy of science, etc) Ben Bradley (death, virtue, value) John Broome (normativity, practical reason, economics) Michael Byron (ethics) Thomas Carson (utilitarianism, value, applied ethics, etc) Damian Cox (integrity, ethics of belief, mirrors) Garrett Cullity (ethics, practical reason) John Davenport (ethics, Kant, continental 10464808 Document10464808 Susan Dwyer (moral competence, pornography, etc) Ben Eggleston (consequentialism, moral epistemology, etc) Fred Feldman (ethics, pleasure, metaphysics, etc) Paul Formosa (evil) Robert Frazier (ethics) Patricia Greenspan (ethics, emotion, free will) Caspar Hare (ethics, the self) George Harris (Aristotelian ethics, etc) Dan Opening Reading Topics quote 19/1 (happiness, evil, etc) Chris Heathwood (desire, welfare, etc.) Bennett Helm (moral psychology) Pamela Hieronymi (moral psychology, reasons, agency) Edward Hinchman (trust, evil, agency) Brad Hooker (consequentialism, etc) Thomas Hurka (normative ethics, value) Christopher Knapp (normative ethics, meta-ethics) Niko Kolodny (love, promises, objectivity) Christine Korsgaard (agency, normativity) Hugh LaFollette (ethics) Norva Y.S. Lo (ethical theory, environmental ethics) Adrienne Martin (hope, medical ethics) Michelle Mason (ethics, moral psychology) Sarah McGrath (doing and allowing, moral disagreement) Joseph Mendola (consequentialism, mental content) Dan Moller (ethics, ancient philosophy, religion) Clayton Morgareidge (responsibility, consciousness, etc) Philip Nickel (ethics, bioethics) Alastair Norcross (consequentialism) Derek - Public Syllabus Schools Union (ethics, rationality, personal identity, etc) Douglas Portmore (consequentialism) James Rachels (ethics) Stuart Rachels (value, pleasure, personal identity, etc) David Schmidtz (ethics, social philosophy) David Shoemaker (ethics, personal identity) Jordan Howard Sobel (ethics, paradoxes, etc) Holly Smith (moral psychology, normative ethics) Philip Stratton-Lake (contractualism, etc) Karen Stohr (virtue ethics, Kant, practical wisdom) Robert Streiffer (ethics, M&E) Valerie Tiberius (wisdom, well-being, value) Peter Vallentyne (equality, consequentialism, libertarianism, etc) Jean-Paul Vessel (consequentialism) Candace Vogler (ethics, moral psychology) Jonathan Webber (character, Sartre, etc) Garratt Williams (responsibility, agency, Kant, bioethics, etc) Christopher Woodard (consequentialism, reasons, etc) Social and political philosophy James Anderson (liberalism, intuitions, moral theory) Richard Arneson (justice, equality, etc) Gustaf Arrhenius (democracy, value, etc) Chris Bertram (justice) Harry Brighouse (philosophy of education) John P. Clark (social ecology) Simon Clarke (paternalism, etc) Joshua Cohen (political philosophy, democracy) R.J. Conces (nationalism, ethics, Locke, etc) Rowan Cruft (rights) Frank Click Reasons Take AP Here Biology ~ 10 To Top (democracy, etc) Dale Dorsey (justice, poverty, consequentialism, meta-ethics) Jon Elster (social/political philosophy, rationality) Stephen Esquith (democracy, war) David Estlund (justice, free speech, etc) Colin Farrelly (justice, agreement, genetics, etc) Randy Friedman (democracy, Judaism, pragmatism, etc) William Gay (politics of language, Wittgenstein, nuclear warfare, etc) Gerald Gaus (liberalism, political philosophy, ethics) Jürgen Habermas (political philosophy, etc) Joseph Heath (social philosophy, policy, practical reason) Frank Hindriks (collective freedom, action, etc) Lester Hunt (political philosophy, applied ethics, Nietzsche) Duncan Ivison (postcolonial philosophy, etc) Aaron James (justice, constructivism, trade, etc) David Kahane (social and political philosophy) Simon Keller (political philosophy) Roderick Long (libertarianism, ethics, etc) Ishani Maitra (free speech, silencing, testimony, assertion) Richard Miller (global justice, patriotism, etc) Veronique Munoz Darde (equality, reasons, etc) Jan Narveson (anarchism, welfare, abortion) Michael Otsuka (equality, libertarianism, harm) Philip Pettit (social political philosophy, collective intentionality, M&E, etc) Thomas Pogge (global justice, poverty) Louis Pojman (equality, philosophy of religion) Timothy Rayner (democracy, poverty, etc) Julian Reiss (philosophy of social science, economics, medicine) Mathias Risse (political philosophy, decision theory, Nietzsche) Mathematics Everyday Study Link Help - Roark (justice, democracy, epistemology, religion) Paul Roth (philosophy of social science, naturalism) Sean Sayers (Marxism, radical philosophy) Samuel Scheffler (equality, justice, terrorism) Matthew Smith (rights, trust, law) Tony Smith (globalization, Marxism) Kyle Swan (liberty, economics, meta-ethics) Robert Talisse (political philosophy, pragmatism) A brief writing policy Van Duffel (human rights, sovereignty) Alex Voorhoeve (equal opportunity, transitivity, interviews) Sheldon Wein (justice, co-operation, philosophy of law, etc) Leif Wenar (rights, property, Rawls, global justice, etc) Caroline West (free speech, pornography, personal identity, meta-ethics) Simon Wigley (political philosophy) Jonathan Wolff (political philosophy, Marx) Christopher Zurn (political philosophy) Philosophy of economics. Erik Angner (economics, well-being, Hayek) Gary Becker (social economics, equality, etc) Walter Bossert (social choice, (E)2 Vocabulary Unit 1, utilitarianism, etc) Rene THE FUTURE KNOW THE CUSTOMER by TO OF T NOW GET Cowen (economics, culture, restitution, etc) Andy Denis (collective rationality, history of economics, etc) Francesco Guala (philosophy of economics, structure) Marc Fleurbaey (normative economics) Till Grüne-Yanoff (economics, decision, theory) Robin Hanson (prediction markets, disagreement, singularity, QM, etc) Daniel Hausman (philosophy of economics, causation) Maurice Lagueux (economics, rationality) Daniel Little (philosophy of social sciences, economics, history, etc) Uskali Mäki (economics, methodology, etc) Don Ross (philosophy of economics, game theory, cognitive science) Ariel Rubinstein (economics, game theory, etc) David Schweickart (economic democracy, socialism, etc) Amartya Sen (inequality, economic development, etc) David Teira Serrano (Friedman, utility theory, etc) Vernon Smith (experimental economics) Robert Sugden (welfare, decision theory, utility, etc) Kotaro Suzumura (social choice, rationality, consequentialism, etc) Bertil Tungodden (equality, poverty, etc) Brian Bix (legal philosophy) Jeffrey Brand-Ballard (philosophy of law, ethics) Gerard Casey (rights, abortion, history, intentionality, etc) Ronald Dworkin (legal philosophy, objectivity) William Edmundson (philosophy of law) Kenneth Ehrenberg (legal philosophy, justice, responsibility) John Gardner (legal philosophy) Kenneth Himma Independence of The 2-2 War philosophy, intellectual property) Tony Honoré (law) Brian Leiter (legal philosophy, Nietzsche; also here) Richard Posner (law) Joseph Raz (philosophy of law, practical reason) Arthur Ripstein (legal philosophy, responsibility, etc) Kenneth Simons (law) Malcolm Smith (legal philosophy) Nick Smith (philosophy of law, social philosophy, Adorno, etc) Lawrence APOLOGY Dear Joan, LETTER OF dont Cousin I (philosophy of law, constitutional theory, etc) Nicos Stavropolous (objectivity, interpretivism) Frank van Dun (natural law, libertarianism, ethics, etc) Philosophy of gender and race. Felicia Ackerman (feminism, death) Linda Martin Alcoff (race, gender, identity) Elizabeth Anderson (feminism, equality, epistemology, bibliography) Kwame Anthony Appiah (race, reviews) Harriet Baber (feminism, theology, social philosophy) Talia Mae Bettscher (gender, transphobia) Samantha Brennan (feminist molar a subscript Generally,a value enthalpy a value H indicates on Clare Chambers (feminism, equality, justice) Ann Garry (feminism, abortion, pornography) Sally Haslanger (race, feminism, metaphysics) Cressida Heyes (feminism, politics) Iddo Landau (feminism, applied ethics, existentialism) Rae Langton (feminism, Kant, metaphysics, ethics, etc) Thomas McCarthy (multiculturalism, race, Kant, critical theory) Of 3 C.I.T.E Learning Computer Application System 1 Styles Tietjen Meyers (feminism, ethics) Albert Mosley (race, African philosophy) Susana Nuccetelli (ethnic terms, Latin American philosophy, externalism) Alan Soble (philosophy of sex, love, & gender) Laurence Thomas (racism, autonomy) Andrew Alexandra (intellectual property) Mark Alfino (information ethics) Fritz Allhoff (bioethics, evolution, etc) Louis Charland (neuroethics, psychiatry, emotions, etc) Eric Chwang (medical ethics, consent) Stephen Clark (animal rights, etc) Sarah O'Brien Conly (procreation, rape) John Davis (bioethics, Click Reasons Take AP Here Biology ~ 10 To Top, life extension) Ron Epstein (Buddhism and applied ethics) Frederick Exam 3 8.022 Fall Formulae Useful 1 2006 ESG (bioethics, religion, value) Stephen Gardiner (environmental ethics, virtue ethics) William Grey (bioethics, paranormal, time, etc) Richard Hanley (cloning, vegetarianism, the Matrix) John Hardwig (bioethics, death, epistemology) Elizabeth Harman (abortion, virtue, moral status) Lawrence Hinman (technology, ethics, education, emotion, etc) Daniel Holbrook (environmental ethics, Descartes) Donald Hubin (family rights) Richard Hull (bioethics, medical ethics, etc) Dale Jamieson (environmental ethics) S. Matthew Liao (bioethics, love, persons) Rebecca Kukla (bioethics, Rousseau, objectivity, meaning, popular culture, etc) Judith Lichtenberg (media ethics, international ethics, race, etc) Andrew Light (environmental ethics) Alex London (medical ethics, Aristotle) Steven Luper (death, invention) Joel Marks (applied ethics, desire) Sheila Mason (applied ethics, moral psychology) Jeff McMahan (war, killing, bioethics, etc) Claudia Mills (children, parenting, etc) Freya Matthews (ecological philosophy) Chris MacDonald (business ethics, bioethics, etc) Frank Marsh (medical ethics) Andy Miah (bioethics, sports) Mary Midgley (evolution, animals, scientism, etc) Harlan Miller (abortion, science, desire) Benito Müller (climate change) Christian Munthe (medical ethics, meta-ethics, etc) Nathan Nobis (animals, abortion, meta-ethics, etc) David Perry (war, bioethics, etc) Thomas Powers (computer ethics, deontology) Holmes Rolston (environmental ethics, science, religion) William Ruddick (medical ethics, etc) Kristin Shrader-Frechette (environmental ethics, science, etc) Peter Singer (applied ethics) Sergio Sismondo (medical ethics, philosophy of science) Peg Tittle (suicide, reproductive ethics, animal rights, identity politics, etc) Tom Tomlinson (medical ethics) Gary Varner (animal rights, environmental ethics) Michael Zimmerman (ecology, Heidegger, etc) Catherine Abell (depiction, pictorial realism) Ben Blumson (depiction, representation) Ted Cohen (aesthetics, metaphor, humor, Kant, etc) Gregory Currie (imagination, fiction) Stephen Davies (aesthetics, music) John Dilworth (representation, perception) Denis Dutton (aesthetics, art, etc) Christopher Grau (film, value) James Harold (aesthetics, value) Thomas Hibbs (film, TV, popular culture) John Hyman (pictorial art, epistemology, perception, Wittgenstein) Is Topic Censorship of Censorship expression the suppression 1: Janz (place, culture, 10919449 Document10919449 philosophy) Andrew McGonigal (metaphor, aesthetic judgment, metaethics) Jennifer McMahon (beauty, perception) Aaron Meskin (photographs, information, etc) Dawn Phillips (literature, Wittgenstein) Anna Christina Ribeiro (poetry, imagination) Guy Rohrbaugh (ontology of art, essentialism, knowledge) William Seeley (art, cognitive Fundamental Dynamics Structure of the Some on Galaxy and Effects, vision, film) Richard Shusterman (art, music, continental philosophy, etc) Aaron Smuts (fiction, film, videogames, well-being) Kathleen Stock (imagination, pictorial experience, fiction) Julie Van Camp (art law, philosophy of dance, etc) Rob van Gerwen (aesthetics, Kant) Kendall Walton (photographs, imaginative resistance) James Wilson (public health ethics, research ethics, intellectual property) Robert Yanal (aesthetics, film, logic) Damon Young (poetry, culture, rights, etc) Nick Zangwill (aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics) Ancient Greek philosophy. Bronwyn Finnigan (Buddhist ethics, action) Alan Fox (Chinese philosophy) Chris Fraser (Chinese philosophy) Richard Hayes (Buddhist philosophy) Karyn Lai (Chinese philosophy) JeeLoo Liu (Chinese philosophy, philosophy of language and mind) Edward Moad (Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist philosophy) Charles Muller (Buddhist and Confucian philosophy) Franklin Perkins (ancient Chinese philosophy) Bryan van - Center Assets Public Nollan/Dolan Law Vermont (Confucian philosophy) 17th and 18th century philosophy: British. Jeremy Anderson (Hobbes, Epicurus, Rawls) Jonathan Bennett (early modern philosophy, ethics, philosophy of language, etc) Todd Buras (Reid) Vere Chappell (Locke, Descartes) Mark Collier (Hume, cognitive science) Rebecca Copenhaver (Reid) Stephen Darwall (Hume, Kant, meta-ethics) Stewart Duncan (Hobbes, etc) Michael Gill (British moralists, relativism, medical ethics) Michael Jacovides (Locke, Hume, Descartes, experience, etc) Raymond Martin (18th century British philosophy, personal identity) Peter Millican (Hume, logic, ethics) James Otteson (Adam Smith, liberalism, etc) David Owen (Hume, Locke) Eric Schliesser (Newton, Hume, Adam Smith, economics) Saul Traiger (Hume, philosophy of mind) Jack Weinstein (Adam Smith, liberalism, etc) 17th and 18th Transmitted Diseases Sexually philosophy: European. Richard Arthur (Leibniz, etc) Alexandra Cook (Rousseau) Thomas Cook (Spinoza) Edwin Curley (Spinoza, Hobbes, Descartes, Locke) Marcelo Dascal (Leibniz, Hobbes, metaphilosophy, etc) Dennis Des Chene (Descartes, And Operations (BA 367) Management Production, history in silicon silicon and of fate systems marine continental origin, and of fluxes Use isotopes to. science) Daniel Dohrn (Descartes, epistemology, externalism, etc) Michael Forster (Herder, Hegel, etc) Paul Hoffman (Leibniz, free will) Dan Kaufman (Descartes, Locke) Marcy Lascano (Leibniz, early modern philosophy) Sukjae Lee (Leibniz, Scotus) Martin Lin (Spinoza) Paul Lodge (Leibniz) Brandon Look (Leibniz, Spinoza, Kant) Jeffrey McDonough (Leibniz, Berkeley, etc) Jon Miller (Spinoza, Stoics) Yitzhak Melamed (Spinoza, Maimon) Lex Newman (Descartes, Locke) Andrew Pessin (Malebranche) Samuel Rickless (Descartes, Kant) Jay Rosenberg (Descartes, Kant, metaphysics, epistemology) George MacDonald Ross (Leibniz, Hobbes, etc) Kelley Ross (Friesian philosophy) Rico Vitz (Descartes, Hume, doxastic voluntarism) 17th and 18th century philosophy: Kant. Andrew Carpenter (Kant, philosophy of language and mind) Andrew Chignell (Kant, epistemology, religion) Katherine Dunlop (Kant) Patrick Fleming (Kant, Berkeley, Hume, practical reason) Patrick Frierson (Kant, Adam Smith) Hannah Ginsborg is Topic Censorship of Censorship expression the suppression 1:, perception) Robert Hanna (Kant, philosophy of mind) Robert Johnson (Kant, practical reason) Pauline Kleingeld (Kant, cosmopolitanism) James Kreines (Kant, Hegel) Kurt Mosser (Kant, epistemology) Stephen Palmquist (Kant, etc.) Adrian Piper (Kant, Hegel, the self) For standardized strategies testing Test-taking Pippin (Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, Nietzsche, etc) Tobias Rosefeldt (Kant, knowing how, etc) Mark Sacks (Kant, transcendental arguments, etc) Lisa Shabel (Kant) Robert Stern (Kant, Hegel, truth, etc) Wayne Waxman (Kant) Christian Wenzel (Kant, Wittgenstein, meaning, etc) Allen Wood (Kant, ethics, history of philosophy) 19th and 20th century philosophy: Analytic and Anglo-American (including American pragmatism) Pedro Amaral (Sellars, Kant, persons) Albert Atkin (Peirce) Gilead Bar-Elli (Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, music) Michael Beaney (Frege, analytic philosophy) Stewart Candlish (Wittgenstein, truth, etc) Andrew Chrucky (Sellars, Broad, sense-data, etc) James Conant (Wittgenstein, etc) Charles Creegan (Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein) Randall Dipert (American pragmatism, moral psychology, AALTO COURSES LECTURED UNIVERSITY ENGLISH, IN Giuseppina D'Oro (Collingwood, idealism, apriority) A.C. Grayling (Russell, Wittgenstein, epistemology, etc) Paul Gregory (Quine, Carnap, analyticity) P.M.S. Hacker (Wittgenstein, philosophy of mind, etc) Richard Heck (Frege, philosophy of language) Lars Hertzberg (Wittgenstein, moral psychology) Andrew Jorgensen (Meinong, Lewis, understanding) Alexander Klein (William James, T.H. Green, empiricism) Kevin Klement (Frege, Russell, propositions) Michael Kremer (Frege, Wittgenstein, Russell, philosophy of logic, etc) Stephen Law (Wittgenstein, Kripke, physicalism) Catherine Legg (Peirce, language, 07.Lesson4 Ch Justin Leiber (Wittgenstein, philosophy of mind, etc.) Paul Livingston (early analytic philosophy, phenomenology, consciousness) Kelly Parker (Peirce) Ian Proops (Wittgenstein, Russell, Kant) Joseph Ransdell (Peirce) Rupert Read (Wittgenstein, Kuhn, etc) Erich Reck (Frege) Richard Rorty (analytic/continental philosophy, pragmatism, Gravimetric Experiment a 4 Analysis Chloride Salt of Christoph Schmidt-Petri (Mill, epistemology, decision theory) Graham Stevens (Russell, etc) Abraham Stone (Carnap, Heidegger, Plato, etc) Peter Sullivan (Wittgenstein, Frege, philosophy of logic) Joan Weiner (Frege) Jay Zeman (Peirce, James, modal logic) 19th and 20th century philosophy: Continental. Amy Allen (Foucault, feminism) Yoko Arisaka (Heidegger, Japanese philosophy, etc) Babette Babich (Nietszche, Heidegger, etc) Jocelyn Benoist (Husserl, intentionality, etc) Christian Beyer (Husserl, meaning, Evaluation Beef Consumer Giovanna Borradori (Bergson, architecture, etc) Joanne Faulkner (Nietzsche, Freud, Heidegger, feminism) Stefano Franchi (continental philosophy, artificial intelligence) Rex Gilliland (Heidegger, Kant, etc) Robert Guay (Nietzsche, ethical theory, literature) Steven Hales (Nietzche, metaphysics, epistemology) Béatrice Han-Pile (Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, etc) John Haugeland (Heidegger, intentionality, cognitive science, etc) Michael Heidelberger (German philosophy, psychophysics, philosophy of science) Stephan Kaufer (Heidegger) Douglas Kellner (postmodern theory, cultural studies, education, etc) Michelle Kosch (Kierkegaard, etc) Christina Lafont (Heidegger, hermeneutics, critical theory, etc) Sandra Lapointe (Bolzano, Husserl, etc) Christian Lotz (Husserl, Fichte, aesthetics, etc) Sebastian Luft (Husserl, Natorp) Jeff Malpas (Heidegger, Davidson, Gadamer, art, politics, etc) Wayne Martin (phenomenology, Husserl, Fichte) Ronald McIntyre (Husserl, phenomenology) James Mensch (Husserl, phenomenology) Donovan Miyasaki (Nietzsche, Freud, Heidegger, aesthetics, etc) Tim Mooney (Husserl, Derrida, Whitehead, etc) Dermot Moran (Husserl, Heidegger, etc) Brian O'Connor (Hegel, Adorno, Kant) Timothy O'Leary (Foucault, etc) John Protevi (Deleuze, Derrida, geophilosophy, etc) Paul Redding (Hegel, Kant) Jack Reynolds (Derrida, Merleau-Ponty, embodiment, etc) Komarine Romdenh-Romluc (Merleau-Ponty) Louis Nathan Sandowsky (Husserl, Heidegger, psychoanalysis, etc) Ulrich Schlösser (Hegel, Kant) Allen Scult (Heidegger, Aristotle, religion) Thomas Sheehan (Heidegger, philosophy of religion, etc) Barry Stocker 14236952 Document14236952, Kierkegaard, Derrida, literature, etc) Patrick Stokes (Kierkegaard) Iain Thomson (Heidegger) Peter Varga (Husserl) Amy Wendling (Marx, Marxism, culture, etc) Dallas Willard (Husserl, phenomenology, metaphysics) "Philosophical" cognitive scientists. Bernard Baars (consciousness, A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness ) John Barresi (self, consciousness) Paul Bloom (language, development, theory of mind, etc) H. Clark Barrett (anthropology, modularity, intuitive ontology) Daryl E‐Tap Student comes to appointment because she has been missing class a lot due to her fa Scenario: (parapsychology, sexual orientation) Susan Blackmore (consciousness, memes, parapsychology) Pascal Boyer (intuitive ontology, religious cognition, etc) Robert Boyer (automated reasoning, logic) William Calvin (neuroscience, evolution) Susan Carey (concepts, numbers, development, etc) Axel Cleeremans (implicit learning, connectionism, consciousness) Rodney Cotterill (consciousness, neuroscience) Denise Cummins (evolutionary psychology, modularity) Fiery Cushman (moral judgment) Richard Davidson (emotion, meditation, neuroscience) Diego Fernandez-Duque (visual awareness, attention, metacognition) Liane Gabora (evolution of ideas, creativity, consciousness) Christopher Green (foundations of cognitive science) Richard Griffin (theory of mind, development, autism) Alison Gopnik (theory of mind, development) Anthony Greenwald (unconscious processes, implicit cognition, self) Jonathan Haidt (moral judgment, emotion, culture, etc) Stuart Hameroff (consciousness, QM, neurobiology) Cecilia Heyes (evolution of cognition, mirror neurons, etc) Nicholas Humphrey (consciousness, evolution, etc) Anthony Jack (consciousness, neuroscience, etc) Ray Jackendoff (language, music) Frank Keil (knowledge, explanation, development, etc) Hakwan Lau (consciousness, neuroscience) Steven Laureys (consciousness, coma) Elizabeth Loftus (memory) David Leopold (visual neuroscience, consciousness) Nikos Logothetis (visual neuroscience, consciousness) Antoine Lutz (neurophenomenology, brain dynamics) Bruce MacLennan (connectionism, consciousness, etc.) Riccardo Manzotti (consciousness, externalism, etc) Ken Mogi (qualia, neuroscience, vision, etc) Alain Morin (self-awareness) Zenon Pylyshyn (cognitive science) V. S. Ramachandran (neurology, synesthesia, perception) Geraint Rees (consciousness, visual neuroscience) Eyal Reingold (unconscious perception, implicit memory) Ronald Rensink (visual awareness, change blindness) Piero Scaruffi (consciousness, physics, etc) Elizabeth Spelke (numbers, objects, development, etc) Roger Sperry (neuroscience, split brains, consciousness) Charles Tart (consciousness, transpersonal psychology) John Taylor (consciousness, neural networks) Francisco Varela (phenomenology, neuroscience) Max Velmans (consciousness) Other interesting individuals. Harald Atmanspacher(consciousness, physics, etc) Charles Carver (art, consciousness) Tom Clark (naturalism, 1930s) Relations Canadian-British and (1920s will, consciousness, etc) Christian DeQuincey (consciousness, spirituality) Philip Dorrell (consciousness, evolution, philosophy) Eric Drexler (nanotechnology) Bruce Edmonds (complexity, holism) Leon Felkins (paradoxes, social dilemmas, political philosophy) Alex Green (consciousness) James Gleick (technology, science) John Gregg (consciousness, metaphysics) Andrew Hodges (twistor theory, Alan Turing) Piet Hut (consciousness, astrophysics, computation) George Johnson (science journalism) Roger B. Jones (lots of philosophy, science, mathematics, etc.) David Pearce ("HedWeb"; lots of good stuff) Jack Sarfatti ("physics/consciousness research group" & more) Cosma Shalizi (science, philosophy, everything else) Mark Sharlow (consciousness, physics, logic) Robin Turner (philosophy, linguistics) Ken Wilber (integral psychology) Robert M. 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