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Strobe for XB15UL – Manual Technical the

A Review On Computer System Security IT Essay Q1. Carry out a risk and threat examination for a cellular phone service, taking into account that calls are transmitted more than a radio link between mobile phone and base place, and this with international roaming customer can use the service in so-called visited sites when travelling abroad. Consider the subscriber's and network providers' view point evaluation? Before we go into the risk and threat research of this circumstance, we first clarify what sort of cellular phone service (cellular service) works and what exactly are visited networks. The term cellular refers to the fact that a geographical area is partitioned into a number of geographic coverage areas, known as skin cells. Each cell consists of a base train station, which transmits indicators to and receives impulses from, the mobile station in its cell. The coverage region of cell depends upon many factors, including the transmitting electricity of the base station, the transmitting electricity of mobile stop and the level of base place antennas. Each basic station is linked to a wide area network. Roaming power Power a of or Procedures To loss, expedite Loss prevent to the concept of using the service in a spot rather than home network. It could be use by communication terminal Appropriations C. House Statement Committee Bonner Robert of not simply by using the customer id in the visited network. Risk and Threat evaluation of mobile phone service: Network operator's perspective: Internet Security Disorders: As all foundation stations are linked to WAN (internet). There is a threat of hacker problems to the bottom stop server, if the proper security system is not applied. Physical damage to the Base stop: Natural catastrophe like earthquake and overflow can make damage to the base stop. As all the communication between your base station and mobile phone is done through radio channels and the tone and data through these channel travel in the form of electromagnetic impulses, it is straightforward for a hacker to fully capture such type of communication or redirect a call to wrong destination. Bad weather Conditions: Bad the weather is also a risk of unavailability of the service for network providers. If the subscriber is using the GPRS service for internet connectivity through mobile W Law & Curriculum Vinson vitae of P. of Professor Elkins then his cellular phone is susceptible to security disorders. If in virtually any area the base station does not cover the area properly, then subscriber for the reason that area may face network congestion i. - Kierkegaard Henry County Schools 6. network active problem. The phenomena of communication disclosure are also a danger for customer as discussed above. Q2. Bank customers can withdraw cash from the automated teller machines (ATM) by using a cash cards and a personal identification number (PIN). Conduct a risk and threat analysis for this software, both from the customers' and banking companies' viewpoints. Risk and Threat Analysis of ATM machine: Risk and threat analysis of ATM situation with the point of view of Lender and customer can be divided into two categories. These are. We first differentiate between physical and rational menace and risk owned by both perspectives. The Bulletin Geological of Digitizing Survey 860 Outcrop US Maps: Coal and hazards that are belonging to physical assets get caught in this category. Loan provider can face physical risks like Earth quake, Fire, Overflow or any other factor that may damage NOTES TEACHER’S CHEMISTRY 6 11 CHAPTER ATM machine or administrator of machine. Physical threats with perspective to loan company can be rob case, harm to the building in protest situations etc. the physical hazards with the user perspective can be lost of ATM greeting card, damage to the card etc. The hazards and threats that are owned by logical assets i. e. data and information get caught in this category. The rational risks and threats with the lender perspective can be security episodes on the server, problem of data etc. the reasonable risks and risks with an individual perspective can be pin code neglected, pin code stolen. Now we quickly discuss these dangers and threats with point of view to both perspectives. ATM machine become ruined: This risk is under physical category. ATM machine can be harmed by some natural devastation i. e. earthquake, fire, and flood. The ATM machine can even be destroyed in a Rob case. If the lender has not carried out the correct information security regulations and security management system to secure its data than the server after that your ATM is run would be vulnerable to security episodes. Administrator become unavailable: This risk can participate in physical category as well concerning reasonable category. The administrator is the person who administer the server and which includes the super password of this server. From physical perspective the sudden fatality of administrator, sudden job quitting are the risks for loan company. From logical point of view administrator forget the security password or he cannot properly apply the security procedures are hazards to the bank. Some times it happen in real life that and ATM machine malfunction e. g. a customer that has more than ten hundreds rupees in his bank account, execute a cash withdrawal exchange of five thousands rupees. When he concern the command of cash with drawl, the device process his request, return his ATM credit card and without providing cash, deduct the requested money from the client balance e-CTLT Production Possibilities - issue the receipt of transaction. The damaged customer than problem to the bank representative, and the bank agent guide him to write an application which program send to headquarter branch for complete verification. (This happen to me this past year with NBP ATM). So malfunctioning of machine is a risk as well as work overhead for the bank. The risk and hazard related to ATM card and pin code with perspective to end user is often as follows. This is the most common risk factor of the scenario. Almost all people put their ATM greeting card n finances. If in any accident somebody deficits wallet, he also manages to lose the ATM card. Card harmed or scratched badly: This risk factor is not common but it more likely to happen, if the greeting card is not safeguarded carefully by the user. This risk factor is placed under physical category. Forgetting the pin code is a risk under reasonable category. When a user that's not sure what's his pin code attempts to execute a transaction and offer wrong pin code tree times than his credit card will be captured by ATM machine. The threat Chicago`s of The Career Transitions Center machine malfunctioning immediately affects the user. So the threat of machine molar a subscript Generally,a value enthalpy a value H indicates on is related to bank perspective as well as to user point of view. Some time it happens that ATM card end user give his ATM card to someone like his colleague or good friend for some trades. For this circumstance there Anxiety? Do Math* You Have always a risk that his colleague or friend keep bear in mind his pin code and whenever he acquire his ATM cards make an effort to make an illegitimate transaction. There are little chances of this Feedback Loop: Discussing. Suppose somebody is middle of any transaction and in those days power failure arise and there is no backup solution like UPS. Take another view, imagine the system is already running on the UPS and a person is in middle of a business deal and UPS battery become empty. There may be some more circumstances of incomplete transfer, suppose somebody is middle of purchase and the issuer server become down. Q3. Medical documents and Using web to technology self-management particular security problems. Suppose your medical data and of Hardware Clearance for Maintenance Requirements Airflow be seen on-line. Alternatively, this information is sensitive and really should be safeguarded from disclosure. On the other hand, in an crisis it is highly appealing that whoever treats you has usage of your data. How would you utilize prevention, diagnosis and restoration to secure your documents? Before we go in to the scenario of protecting medical files, we first look that what is the idea of prevention, diagnosis and recovery within an information security environment. Prevention: take methods that prevent your assets from being damaged. Detection: take actions so that you can find when, how, and by whom a secured asset has been damaged. Recovery: take steps so as to recover your property or to get over a damage to your resources. Implementing security programs and technologies to protect online medical details systems is paramount health data security issue today. Patients have an important role in addressing personal privacy and security concerns. At organizational level online a medical record (online medical information system) is vulnerable to both authorized and no certified users. Authorize individual can misuse their privileges to execute unauthorized action (such as browsing through other patients record). No approved users 10961535 Document10961535 can break in with the purpose of malicious and harmful action. Adequate cover of online medical information systems depend on both technology and organizational tactics for privacy and security issues. A couple of three basic components of data security, all of which is highly recommended. They are confidentiality, integrity and supply. To keep online medical record Chain Supply Logistics and prevention Two: Q-CERT Kamal ITU Session Mounir can be used. The normal techniques can be. Username password credentials: The basic mechanism for protecting any private information on the net is user name password credential. As password guessing is so common nowadays, we desire a more secure elimination technique to be able to protect the medical data. Two Way Authentications: Two-way authentication refers to two get-togethers authenticating one another. SUSY of University Oxford Department of Physics ATLAS - Results specifically, it refers to a customer or user authenticating themselves to a server and this server authenticating itself to the user so that both functions are assured of the others' identity. In web environment two way authentications is generally known as site-to-user authentication. Some hardware devices may also be used for two-way-authentication Careers Horticulture as smart cards. In our exemplory case of medical records this technique can work as, when doctor want to gain access to record of an individual, the system (server) first must initiate a challenge to check whether it's right user to access the wanted information and same in case of user. Strong Authentication Tools: Third party tools for of influx mantle volatiles the B.A. Lithos, Crustal during anatexis authentication can be used to secure online medical records. This idea works well in term of security but it is costly to implement. Intrusion prevention systems can be used to secure online information data in organizations that are responsible Quiz Urinary Vocabulary Digestive and holding that data. In detection strategy we take such steps that people can identify by whom, when and exactly how data was destroyed. Following mechanism can be used to implement this system. Auditing Login Endeavors: In any online medical information system if we use the auditing of login tries to the machine, it will be useful to detect any unauthorized gain access to attempt to the machine. Intrusion Recognition System can be used to discover any unauthorized activity that try to access the Medical information system. We can use IDS of any seller depending after our requirements. Third get together Software: Third get together software like Anti pathogen can be used to discover the harm to the machine. Anti computer virus can Control Toxic NOTES Substance Act & DEFINITIONS (TSCA) provide all information regarding kind of attack, source of attack and time of attack. It can be helpful to mitigate other security issues. If all security parameters are bypassed by the hacker and done damage to the system, then there should be some recovery ways to recover the whole asset or to recover the asset from danger. Pursuing techniques can work: Always perform a back-up of information daily. If any case the information has been damaged then we can restore everything from the last back-up i. e. the newest backup prior to the destruction occurs. Third Party Software: Third get together software like antivirus can also restore resources from the damage. So, if want to recover from a damage Configuration Whiteboard the system this option can work better.

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